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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Memorabilia 2005 - Glasgow

I attended Memorabilia at the SECC in Glasgow over the weekend. Loads of DVD stalls selling your favourite horror and exploitation favourites. Picked up a few bargains myself, a couple of Fernando di Leo classics and even a few giallos that an expert (!) like myself had not heard of.

Midnight Media were also there selling DVD's and some of their own publications. They had the latest issues of Uncut magazine plus new publications by Nigel Burrell and Paul Brown, namely "Giallo Scrapbook" and "Hispanic Horrors". I picked both of these up and I cannot recommend them enough. Indeed "Hispanic Horrors" contained a few titles that seem well worth tracking down.

One DVD stall in particular seemed to have two crazy Dutch guys drinking Tennents Super (a really strong Scottish lager that Glasgow's homeless tend to favour, but is held in high esteem in Europe) and trying to push Cannibal Holocaust onto every punter. They were boasting how cheap their DVD's were and I asked why this was. Turns out they were the owners of EC Entertainment who have produced some good discs in the past and whose edition of Cannibal Holocaust, while not the best looking or boasting lots of extras, is truly uncut!

However, main highlight for me was meeting Al "Sex Gore" Simpson from the SexGoreMutants site. SGM was one of my first points of reference along with DVD Maniacs when I was first getting into horror and exploitation movies. Their reviews determined what I would spend my student loan on next. So I urge you all to check it out especially as they are about to bring out a new publication entitled "Living Dead: Glasgow". One to look forward to I'm sure.


Michael said...

Damn, I had no idea there was a horror convention at the SECC. If I'd known, I'd almost certainly have gone. Oh well.

As a side note, I don't agree at all with your praise of the Giallo Scrapbook. I bought it earlier this year and in my opinion it's not worth the paper it's printed on: a cheap hack job that provides nothing that Adrian Luther Smith's Blood and Black Lace doesn't already offer on a much wider scale.

Nick Frame said...

Its not really a horror convention but there are loads of traders selling cult and horror DVD's. It good being able to pick up titles that normally you have to order over the internet.

Regarding the Giallo scrapbook, I just thought they were nice little additions to my library of movie books, nothing more than that. In Hispanic Horrors, they were a few titles I'd not heard of and would now like to track down. They were only a fiver each as well.

Blood and Black Lace is a great book, totally agree with you. I also noticed you bought Beyond Terror by Stephen Thrower and the tin of The Beyond. Its really well written in my opinion and once you watch a Fulci film, it provides some insight into what you have just seen.

The Beyond was the first Fulci flick I picked up way back in 2000 and one of my first DVD's ever, so I'm very fond of it. Hope you enjoy the other 2 DVD's you've ordered.