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Thursday, March 23, 2006

3 Dev Adam on its way from Onar Films

Spoke to Bill over at Onar Films recently and after their successful DVD release of "Kilink", another Turkish classic is on the way. "3 Dev Adam" (3 Mighty Men) stars Santo the Mexican wrestler and Captain America up against an evil Spiderman.

Info taken from Onar Films:

"Who would believe it? ONAR FILMS has decided to put all those Holywood blockbuster companies out of business!! Yes! We proudly announce that some time in the first days of April we will release this legendary film on OFFICIAL DVD WITH ENGLISH SUBS PLUS SOME COOL EXTRAS! And we are humbly positive that the sales will be gigantic if not phenomenal...
Seriously now, the bitter truth is that sales will be tragic. But it''s also true that ONAR FILMS will never be daunted nor restrained and will always be CRAZY ENOUGH TO RELEASE SUCH FILMS WHETHER THE MAJORITY LIKES IT OR NOT.

Now, it''s March 8th and everything is under control and neatly arranged for a decent OFFICIAL RELEASE. Again, all sorts of materials were destroyed. In this case they were destroyed in a big fire in 1998 together with 100''s of other films owned by the copyright holders. Rumours mentioned a clean betacam at some TV station but after a strenuous research the result was that some madman had recorded something else over this beta!! So, after more, frustrated, research, a clean german vhs was found. It took over 2 months to digitally enhance this print. The outcome was quite rewarding as the picture looks infinitely better than all those bootlegs floating around, without the slightest problem. I couldn''t believe my eyes... I''m convinced that even if a betacam had been found it wouldn''t look better than this!
Regarding extras now...Hmmm, at this point I have secured 3 interviews, courtesy of MONDO MACABRO! There will also be some filmographies and biographies. Plus at least 5 TRAILERS, most of them new ones, never before seen! I really count on them! Greek and ENGLISH SUBS will be there. And this time, the english subs will be far better than those in the previous releases as I changed translators! Again, it will be a super-limited release of 1200( one thousand two hundred) copies, INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED BY ME. Finally, I''m currently trying to locate some original stills/posters for a great GALLERY. But I''m not 100% certain that I will finally have them. I will keep updating this page with any new info so you better stick around.The cover of course, will be slightly different as I''m still working on it.
No need to pre-order it! Did you really think that I might run out that fast? When you see this page saying "IN STOCK" then you place your order.

Now, if you happen to not know what film this is, suffice to say this: CAPTAIN AMERICA AND SANTO, TAKE ON A MANIAC CRIMINAL CALLED SPIDER MAN....And this takes place in Turkey!

I can now assure you that I have secured a nice photo collection so that there will definitely be an impressive photogallery on the dvd! This means I can now finalize the cover of the dvd and I will put it up in about a week from now. Otherwise, things are going according to schedule and I want to believe that the dvd will be out before April 10th. If this changes I will let you know in my next update, here. Thanks for checking out!"

So it looks like April 10th is the day and I'll hopefully have a review copy very soon. It looks to be a very special edition.

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