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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Turkish Trailer Extravaganza from Onar Films

Bill over at Onar Films has been busy and has put up trailers for all recent and forthcoming DVD's that he is working on. So without further words from me, lets take a look:

Casus Kiran:

Another super-obscure Turkish super-hero film coming on an action packed DVD, Early 2007

Maskeli Seytan:

From the makers of Kilink comes another Super-Hero gem, available Early 2007

Demir Pence Korsan Adam:

More Super-Hero mayhem, available Early 2007

Orumcek the Spider:

Super-Hero nonsense with added sleaze, Early 2007

Tarzan Istanbul Da'

Coming Xmas 2006, the first Turkish Tarzan movie from 1952

Tarzan Korkusuz Adam

Also known as Tarzan the Fearless, coming Xmas 2006

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