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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rank your Giallo!

Very cool idea from Rankopedia, get your favourite giallo to the top of the list!


Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly Profondo Rosso is leading the field ,but I'm really shocked at how low down the list Sergio Martino is - have these people never seen anything other than Argento ?

Not that I'm dissing the great man, after all he was my 1st intro to the genre, but there as equally competent directors & I would've expected to see something like "Case of the Scorpion's Tail (my fave Martino film) "Mrs Wardh " or "All the Colours of the Dark " somewhere in the Top 10 ? !

Also amazed how low down Mario Bava is as well !

The-Iron-Inspector said...

I'm sad to see 'Suspected death of a minor' so low down the list. What happened?

Deep Red is my favourite ok, but c'mon Argento overload. Give Mr Martino a go!