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Monday, October 05, 2009

Too many DVD's?

An article from the Guardian by Charlie Brooker certainly struck a chord with me today as he describes that he now has too many unread books and unwatched DVD's, basically they are going to outlive him. I really do not know if I will ever get through my unwatched pile...anyway read on and see what you think!

"I'm fairly certain I recently passed a rather pathetic tipping point, and now own more unread books and unwatched DVDs than my remaining lifespan will be able to sustain. I can't possibly read all these pages, watch all these movies, before the grim reaper comes knocking. The bastard things are going to outlive me. It's not fair. They can't even breathe.... READ MORE


Unknown said...

You can never have too many DVDs bro.

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

When I was a young child in the early 70's during an Easter holiday we had only 3 tv channels during those days indeed and there was during the entire holiday NOTHING on it except passion plays for that period of the year! Horrible! I will never forget how bored I was during those days! I still remember it now! It had such an impact that I became a book, DVD and comics collector for generations to come to read and hopefully enjoy! On the other hand if I ever retire I have enough material to read and view untill my last breath and that gives me a good feeling!

Mob said...

They may outlive me, but I'll go down fighting!