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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

DVD Review: Agent 69 Jensen

Another updated review of mine is up at Cinema Nocturna, this time for the vey funny and bawdy Danish crime and smut capers starring Torbin Bille and Anna Bergman.


Pidde Andersson said...

Ah, Ole Søltoft... We brought him over to Fantastisk Filmfestival in Lund, Sweden, in 1996, when we screened all of the movies in the Zodiac series of which the Agent 69 Jensen flicks are the last two. We sure have some bizarre stories to tell about Ole - and so has Brian Yuzna, who was in the audience.
Ole died a couple of years later.
You don't mention if this DVD is censored or not. All the entries in this movie series are hardcore porn. They're all out in Scandinavia, but not subtitled in English.

Nick Frame said...

Hey Pidde,

Yeah in my review:

I mention that it's hardcore (actually maybe not that clearly), but done in a way thats not really too offensive. I loved the movies a lot,thought they were really fun!

Any chance of a few stories about Ole?