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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DVD Review: Deep Contact

Deep Contact

Japan 1998
Dir: Yukio Kitazawa
Starring: Kazushi Ikeda, Seiji Nakamitsu, Riri Kuramoto, Motoko Sasaki, Myu Asou, Shoko Kudo, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Jun Kawai, Kenichi Kanbe.
DVD Released: 15th June 2010
Cert: NR
Running Time: 61 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Non-Anamorphic NTSC
Audio: Japanese DD2.0
Subtitles: English
Distributor: Pink Eiga
Region: 0 NTSC

The Film:

There are rumours of a comet coming to destroy the earth, the streets are deserted except for feckless gambler Wataru (Kazushi Ikeda) legging it through downtown Tokyo, he owes money to a loan shark and the thumb-breakers have come a-callin. Lucky for him however he is deftly kidnapped by a group of red-baseball-capped weirdos who take him to a secret complex. A strange hospital in which the nurses don't wear panties and everyone seems to be humping constantly. Dr. Ohora (Seiji Nakamitsu), the nutter running the place, explains to Wataru that this is the earth's only hope of survival; the power of Sexual Psychokinesis! Yup, the psychokinetic power unleashed during orgasm will be harnessed in an attempt to divert the deadly comet by a minuscule degree in the hopes it will bypass our planet. These dudes are fucking to save the planet. Despite the allure of Ohora’s most promising candidate; Ikuko (Riri Kuramoto, a virginal young sexpot that has intense psychokinetic orgasms that can make an iron ball that weighs a ton float off the ground) Wataru still wants paying for his 'efforts', $100,000 should get him good and hard apparently. As the big day approaches hundreds of psychokinetic facilities all over the world prepare thousands of couples for a synchronized orgy that will culminate in the release of the largest amount of sexual energy ever witnessed, but will it be enough to save civilisation from destruction?

Honestly I keep thinking the Japanese can't possibly surprise me anymore, I've seen more than my fair share (and more than yours combined I'll bet) of Nipponese neurosis via the likes of Miike and Tsukamoto all the way back to Suzuki and Pinky Violence, but damn if Pink Eiga don't just go ahead and release a 12 year old spoof/rip-off of Deep Impact that makes my jaw drop at the sheer perverse absurdity on display. The world is in crisis but fear not for the Japanese have a plan! Comet coming to hit the earth? Let's fuck! Apparently this was the first sci-fi tinged Pink Eiga production and despite all the throwback 70's style sex shenanigans you can't help but be amused by the combined audacity and insanity of what you are watching. The truly odd thing is that certain scenes in between all the slapstick and furious shagging evoke the existential low budget sci-fi melancholy of classics like The Quiet Earth - no shit! As always then Pink Eiga DVD grants us another peek into the weird, wacky and often very funny world of low budget Japanese exploitation cinema. Twisted, perverted bloody genius!

The Disc:

Same old, same old from Pink Eiga; soft, non-progressive and ropey sums up the 1.85:1 non-anamorphic transfer with hard-matted English subtitles. 2.0 Japanese language audio mix is clean and clear.

Cast and crew video commentary; featuring Director Yukio Kitazawa, writer/producer Akira Fukuhara, actress Motoko Sasaki and actor Seiji Nakamitsu. The screen splits into two horizontal slices for this nice little extra with the bottom half featuring a round table of aforementioned participants. A friendly bunch that get all nostalgic watching a film they obviously had a great time making. Lots of informative anecdotes, laughter and behind the scenes stories here. Japanese audio with hard matted English subs.

Interview with director Yukio Kitazawa; a 13 minute chat with Yukio touching on all aspects of the production plus his experiences of working in the Pink Eiga industry. Candid and interesting. Japanese audio with hard matted English subs.

Plus the usual text based bios about the actors and director, an original theatrical trailer, photo gallery and a trailers for the rest of Pink Eiga's catalogue.

Review by Giuseppe Rijitano

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