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Saturday, August 07, 2010


Not content with just doing very cool DVD and Blu-Ray extras, High Rising Productions have a new documentary on 42nd Street in production and YOU can be involved!

Director Calum Waddell states:

"42ND STREET MEMORIES focuses on a group of filmmakers, distributors, actors and writers—all of them there and part of The Deuce—speaking about the area at the height of its powers,” Waddell tells Fango. “We have a cast of 20 great names involved, including FANGORIA’s own Tony Timpone; directors Joe Dante and Frank Henenlotter; cult actress Debbie Rochon; adult star and performer Veronica Hart; and producers/distributors such as DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN’s Sam Sherman and DR. BUTCHER’s Terry Levene, the latter giving his first on-camera interview.”

This is where you, the readers of DVD Trash can help -

"We need images and footage,” Waddell says. “So I want to put out an open call to your readers and watchers to help us and pass this message along. We’ve obtained some great clips from various movies and collections, but we want this documentary to be as good and strong as possible. 42ND STREET MEMORIES represents the results of my own investigation into why the street’s legend remains. So if this may be of interest to anyone and you want to help a great documentary be even better, your help would be eternally appreciated. Please spread the word and help us make this, the only documentary done on this landmark street, the final word on the area and its continued appeal! Everyone will be personally credited and thanked in the film for their efforts, and I swear that when 42ND STREET MEMORIES hits the festival circuit, if it’s in your area, I’ll see you get a ticket!”

Sound good?

If you can help in anyway, then email me at

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