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Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Poliziesco from NoShame USA

Double Game (R1, NoShame)

The wife of a wealthy doctor is fatally stabbed in a city park while a gang of young thugs targets cinemas and supermarkets for smash and grab heists and a 17-year-old girl is raped and strangled with wire, the work of a likely sex maniac. With a gang war about to erupt between the local dons and an invading French outfit, police inspectors Moretti (George Hilton) and Danieli (Emanuel Cannarsa) have their hands full trying to stop Turin from becoming the crime capital of the world. Unknown to Danieli, his partner moonlights as a vigilante killer calling himself "The Avenger" and working outside the law as judge, jury and executioner for all of Turin's underworld.

Released in the United States as DOUBLE GAME, this ultra-rare Italo-cop film was made as Torino Violenta with George Hilton (THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH) in a typically take-charge performance as the two-faced Moretti. Directed, written and photographed by Carlo Ausino, DOUBLE GAME is a fully-loaded crime thriller in the vein of DEATH WISH and MAGNUM FORCE, shot on the streets of Turin, depicted as a city brimming with enough criminality to ruin Dirty Harry's day. Also starring Giuseppi Alotta (CONFESSIONS OF A POLICE CAPTAIN) and featuring a vintage EuroCult score by Stelvio Cipriani (DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS).

NoShame presents this obscure title from the end of the poliziotteschi cycle for the first time on DVD in the US, uncut and in anamorphic widescreen in a 2 DVD collector's edition along with its rarest-of-the-rare 1980 sequel... for which all original elements no longer exist!


Disc One

• Introduction by Director Carlo Ausino
• Double Game, One Player – Interview with Director Carlo Ausino
• Carlo Ausino’s Short Films: - Christmas Tale (Racconto di Natale) (16 mins aprox) with introduction by Dir. Ausino - The Trailer (Il Trailer) (18 mins aprox) with introduction by Dir. Ausino - A Modern Fairy Tale (Una Favola Moderna) (18 mins aprox) with introduction by Dir. Ausino
• Original Italian Theatrical Trailer • Poster and Still Gallery – from Dir.. Ausino’s private collection

Disc Two

• TONY, L’ALTRA FACCIA DELLA TORINO VIOLENTA – Ausino’S 1980 sequel to DOUBLE GAME (95 Mins.) Finally available, Ausino’s long lost and never before available sequel to DOUBLE GAME restored from the director’s personal 35mm print. With introduction by Dir. Ausino
• The Burning of the Marus Department Stores in Torino – 1974 news reel filmed by Carlo Ausino for Rai TV (restored from the original 16mm print)
• Sahara Killing Theatrical Trailer – the never-seen-before trailer for a film that was never completed.
• KILLER’S LIST (Sulla lista del Killer) Trailer - original Italian theatrical trailer – Ausino’s just completed action/thriller, with introduction by Dir. Ausino

Source: NoShame

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