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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pulp Fiction

While browsing blogs such as Groovy Age of Horror and Teleport City, I came across some trashy pulp fiction that seemed too good to pass up. First up was the Nick Carter: Killmaster series that sees the titular secret agent sent out on daring top secret missions. These books had no author attached to them and were simply churned out one after the other. While definitely not great literature, they are pretty well written and most of all good fun.

I ordered “Nick Carter: Massacre in Milan” from Amazon for my first foray into the world of Killmaster. Carter is sent to Italy by his agency AXE to discover why Arab terrorists, a Nazi spy and Israeli counter-agents are fighting over oil and perhaps something more. He springs into action, with guns, gadgets and girls, its James Bond but with more sex, violence and it’s totally non-PC into the bargain. At around 188 pages it’s none too taxing but a perfect read for a long plane journey or summer reading while you’re relaxing on the beach. If you want more Nick Carter, then have no fear as around 260 novels were written and can be picked up 2nd hand from Amazon and eBay.

In addition to Nick Carter, there are other series that I’m interested in exploring, starting with Edward S. Aarons “Sam Durell” thrillers. Durell is another problem solver who works for the CIA this time and again is sent out on daring missions no-one else would accept. I choose “Assignment Nuclear Nude” to begin with, where Durell has to investigate the link between some paintings and secret nuclear plans. He is in two minds in taking the assignment until he discover that the owners of the paintings each have beautiful daughters, he finds some renewed enthusiasm. He sets off with the girls in tow and a new adventure begins. The premise sounds great and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my first Sam Durell adventure.

Also recently ordered from Amazon is “Death is a Ruby Light” from The Baroness series by Paul Kenyon. Only 8 books were ever written and they were even more non-PC, violent with much more explicit sex. Sounds good to me!

The Baroness was “A former Vogue and Elle cover model, the Baroness is a "long-legged beauty in her thirties" who runs a model agency as a cover for her espionage missions. Her preferred weapon is the Bernadelli VB .25 caliber”. In addition “She drinks pitchers of martinis, smokes the occasional joint, drives a red Porsche, throws lavish parties in her Rome mansion and enjoys fierce but casual sex with a series of swarthy hunks, including suspected enemies she may well have to kill. Her green eyes, black hair and "explicit cheekbones" prove the perfect smokescreen. "There wasn't a line or shadow on her lovely face to show the deadly secrets that lay behind it." (Source: Wikipedia) More on this one when it arrives.

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