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Friday, July 07, 2006

Another Lizard Update!

Ok, the new Federal Video DVD of "Lizard in a Woman's Skin" was released July 6th in Italy and according to folk on the Nocturno and CGHV forums, we might just be onto a winner. The DVD runs 98:15 (PAL) and appears to have have the lesbian scenes, the vivisection scenes and the murder scene with the boxcutters intact. These scenes seem to be of a lower quality as they seem to have got them from a different source. The DVD case says "Versione Integrale" (Full Uncut Version) and the extras include:

La censura e le verisoni del film (The history of the films censorship problems)
Scena inedita (Deleted Scene)
Titoli di testa italiani originali (The original Italian credits)
Intervista a Paolo Albiero ( studioso del cinema di Fulci ) (Interview with a Fulci expert)
Biografie (Bio's)

Only downside is the lack of English subs, but what a time to start learning Italian.

To protect myself from flack - I would take this info as 99% accurate as you just never know but my copy is being ordered asap!

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