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Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Pinky Violence and Horror from Panik House

Great news from Matt Kennedy at Panik House who are teaming up with Don May Jr. at Synapse Films to release some Pinky Horror titles:

"Edogawa Ranpo Zenshu: Kyofu Kikei Ningen; aka Horror Of The Malformed Men"

This is the most notorious film in the history of Japanese cinema. It has been banned since it's release in 1969, and is the film that really cemented Teruo Ishii's reputation as a master in the art of transgressive filmmaking. All rhetoric aside, this is one of the true classics of the era.

"Kaidan Hebi-onna; aka Snake Woman's Curse"

This was the first of the Pinky Horror films released by Toei. It was helmed by master director Nobuo Nakagawa, who has been called the Japanese Hitchcock, and Akemi Negishi (Sex & Fury, Lady Snowblood) stars.

Also being released are some Pinky Violence series inlcuding:

Yoen Dokufu Den : Hannya no Ohyaku; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Female Demon Ohyaku
Yoen Dokufu Den : Hitokiri Okatsu; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Quickdraw Okatsu
Yoen Dokufu Den : Okatsu Kyojo Tabi; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Okatsu's Epic Journey


Gincho Wataridori; aka Wandering Ginza Butterfly
Gincho Nagaremono Mesuneko Bakuchi; aka Wandering Ginza She-Cat Gambler

"These films are beyond legendary, and have never been released on DVD. Some English titles may change by release date, but make no mistake that these films will be presented uncut in their original form -remastered for optimal viewing and listening enjoyment.

This particular crop of films has allowed me to present two entire series (like we did with the two Inoshika Ocho films starring Reiko Ike), which was key in my decision to license them. I had chosen not to release the entire series of Girl Boss films because I felt that not all entries were as strong as Girl Boss Guerilla, but the two Butterfly films and the three Okatsu films are all really incredible movies, so it's not a case of licensing them just to release a whole series; these films rock!

Additionally, these will not be issued as box sets, but instead as individual discs (possibly at the same time) affording the option of buying all at once or one at a time as your budget dictates."

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