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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brigitte Lahaie update!

I've noticed from Sitemeter that there are many Google searches for Brigitte Lahaie, which is very understandable, however a few of the links were out of date, so they have now been updated and all now work.

Here was the original post, now with updated links:

A personal favourite of mine! Brigitte Lahaie, perhaps the prettiest adult cinema star of all time. Totally natural, nothing fake and definitely no tattoos. They don't make them like this anymore.

For more info:

Brigitte's DVD's at Sazuma

Brigitte's DVD's at Xploited Cinema

Internet Movie Database

French Biography of Brigitte Lahaie

Brigitte Lahaie Photogallery - Rapidshare

Brigitte's Blog at RMC

Interview with Brigitte Lahaie for Cinema Nocturna


theressa said...

Hello, I'm a fan of Brigitte Lahaie. Is there any chance for me to get a site at where they post preview (not just a cover) of Brigitte Lahaie movies ?

Many thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

to the above poster:

theres lots of her movies here. theyre on rapidshare links though. use lahaie as a search term. im getting through them slowly but surely :P.