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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Roundtable: Week 53

Since David Z of the excellent movie blog "Tomb it may Concern" was the only one of us to contribute to every edition of the Roundtable, then this weeks edition was all about him!

Name your favourite David Z. moment.

Nick - DVDTrash
Definitely has to be the The Eurotrash Film Pinnacle Project, was great to see so many others like the same crap as me!

Warren - 150 Days of Sodom
When he posted all the posters he found online for the Italian film Tough to Kill, I definitely thought we were on the same wavelength.

Curt - Groovy Age of Horror
Haha–where to begin?!? How about with, “Hello David Z (I presume).” Congrats on the new arrival, David Z (I presuuume!), and keep up the great work!!

Kimberly - Cinebeats
I’ve gotta go with the ongoing They Call Her Archived project he’s been putting together. I’m really impressed with his focus and dedication. I find it all really inspiring and it’s great that he’s sharing all his stuff with his blog readers. Cheers to David!

Steven - The Horror Blog
I failed to win a contest David Z. held to give away copies of his excellent chapbook Ascension of the Blind Dead, but he sent it to me anyway for which I am incredibly grateful. I was already familar with The Blind Dead from years back, but David’s chapbook prompted me to obsess over the characters, leading to J. buying the set for me. Thanks, David!

JA - My New Plaid Pants
The word “GoonaHumpasploitation” rocks my world.

I think you'd agree a very worthy subject!

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