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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blu-Ray News: City of the Living Dead

Well, now I can finally talk about the upcoming Lucio Fulci classic "City of the Living Dead" DVD and Blu-Ray from Arrow Film, that I worked upon with my two colleagues at High Rising Productions, Calum and Naomi.

As you can see it is a pretty comprehensive package and very much a labour of love for all concerned in making it. I hope that everyone really enjoys the extras and I think we have perhaps put together the definitive edition of City of the Living Dead! Really looking forward to the feedback from the fans, so why not head over to Cult-Labs and sign up. Arrow always listen to ideas and opinions, so go make yourself heard!

The DVD and Extra Features:

City of the Living Dead will be released on two-disc DVD (£17.99) and single-disc Blu-ray (£22.99). The full list of extras is as follows:

* Newly recorded audio commentary by actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice
* Audio commentary by actress Catriona MacColl and author Jay Slater
* Introduction to the film by star Carlo De Mejo
* ‘Carlo Of The Living Dead featurette (17 mins, featuring Carlo de Mejo)
* ‘The Many Lives And Deaths Of Giovanni Lombardo Radice’ featurette (50 mins)
* ‘Dame Of The Dead’ featurette (25 mins, featuring Catriona MacColl)
* ‘Fulci’s Daughter: Memories Of The Italian Gore Maestro’ featurette (27 mins, featuring Antonella Fulci)
* ‘Penning Some Paura’ featurette (18 mins, featuring Dardano Sacchetti)
* ‘Profondo Luigi: A Colleague’s Memories Of Lucio Fulci’ featurette (17 mins, featuring Luigi Cozzi)
* Catriona MacCall and Giovanni Lombardo Radice Q&A session at the Glasgow Film Theatre (20 mins)
* ‘Fulci In The House – The Italian Master Of Splatter’ featurette.

Released May 24th - Pre-Order now from

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