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Monday, March 15, 2010

DVD News: SuperVan

More exploitation goodness from Cheezy Film and MVD with the 70's Smokey and the Bandit precursor: SuperVan!

Clint a young man with a dream enters his custom van, Vandora, into a van contest known only as "Freakout". Eventually, Clint has to outrun some corny hick cops and use his van to battle a group of really bad guy bikers with an attitude to stay on the road. Good thing he installed those solar powered laser beams in his van! From the director of Disco Fever, Lamar Card, comes another movie made to capitalize off of a marginal craze of drug hazed 1970 fads. Imagine an entire movie centered on custom van culture with a drunken Charles Bukowski cameo thrown in for good luck and the kitchen sink for good measure and your getting a good idea of the look and feel for this totally cheezy of cheesiest movies from the late 1970s - Get That Free Wheelin' Feelin'

This one hits all good DVD stores on March 23rd!

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