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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Turkish Delights from Onar

Bill from Onar has sent some more goodies from his excellent label and I'll be doing a little review of his new releases very soon!

OLULER KONUSMAZ KI (THE DEAD DON’T TALK) (1970)- Dir. Yavuz Yalinkilic

Sometimes the dead DO talk if ONAR gives them a chance, like this God-forgotten 1970 Turkish Gothic Horror gem. A haunted house in the forest, a ghostly zombie-like bogeyman, a curse, pretty ladies meeting horrible deaths, endless macabre boo-ha-ha's, gloomy suffocating atmosphere, Aytekin Akkaya(3 DEV ADAM'S Captain America), pretty ladies, stolen music from Space Odyssey(well, Richard Strauss, that is) and giallos, exorcisms and other goodies guarantee a hair-raising experience.

This is another worldwide premiere, never seen before on any kind of media. Luckily, the master was found in satisfactory condition so the picture is close to great.


If you are thirsty for a genuine giallo with lots of blood, sleaze, mystery and twists, this one is for you. It could be a Sergio Martino film, like STRANGE VICE OF MISS WARDH, but it comes straight from Turkey! Here, a maniac (or two?) with a sharp huge razor is after pretty girls. A woman is suffering a youth trauma and is haunted by the nightmare of her past. The only remaining master was found in good condition so the picture is not great but good enough for a Turkish 70’s film. For those of us lucky enough to have watched this trailer on past Onar releases and could not wait to see this Turkish giallo...well...the time has come! If you haven't seen the trailer yet, be sure to check the link below for this trailer and other Onar Films trailers.


  • Fullscreen versions of both films
  • Turkish audio
  • Optional English and Greek subtitles
  • 3 Interviews with AYTEKIN AKKAYA , METIN DEMIRHAN (horror director and author of the cult book TURKISH FANTASTIC CINEMA) and GIOVANNI SCOGNAMILLO, actor and co-author of above book (Turkish audio with English subtitles)
  • Photo galleries
  • Trailers
  • Bios
  • Limited to 1200 hand-numbered units
  • Monday, April 02, 2007

    Still Alive...

    DVD Trash is still alive and well, just too busy with my real life business at the moment (, but have no fear I'll be back more trashy goodness soon.

    Stay Bookmarked!