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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Round Table - Week 9

Once again, DVD Trash is part of the fantastic Round Table at the Horror Blog, this weeks topic is rare cinematic gems!

Name an obscure gem which you can recommend without reservation?
DVD Trash:
Since I’m a fan of Turkish cult classics, then I can only recommend picking up the Kilink movies from Onar Films, but if you can find it, go for their recent release of 3 Mighty Men ( 3 Dev Adam), starring Captain America and El Santo, plus it also includes some (un)forgettable dialogue such as “Spider is a child-minded lunatic”. Failing that and if your after some grubby Italian sleaze then try and track down Renato Polselli’s “Rivelazioni di uno psichiatra sul mondo perverso del sesso” - a film I’ve only ever seen for sale at conventions!
Read the other horror afficionado's thoughts over at the Horror Blog!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

10,000 Hits!

At 11.10pm GMT, DVD Trash reached 10,000 hits, thanks to everyone who takes a look everyday, very much appreciated.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Snakes on Cocaine?

It seems the bubble has burst for the stars of the No.1 movie in the world right now, Snakes on a Plane, it looks like the bright lights of Hollywood has attracted some more victims!

Scoring some drugs was the order of the day followed by picking up some hookers!

A very sad tale (tail?) and a warning for any aspiring starlets!

DVD Trash joins the Round Table

The Horror Blog's weekly round table has seen fit to ask DVD Trash to the sit down and with Snakes on a "Motherfucking" Plane released this week, the question posed was "Name your favourite cinematic animal attack" So go check it out if you can!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cult Music and Soundtrack Blogs

I've noticed a lot of blogs at the moment that are offering very rare and OOP music and soundtracks ranging from Fabio Frizzi's L'Aldila at Rare & OOP Soundtracks, astounding compilations at Morghini's, Spaghetti Western and Creature Features at Dust 2 Dust.

In addition there other blogs offering classic Euro-Pop ranging from Rita Pavone, Mina, Nada and Claudine Longet amongst others. So if you get a moment check these out, there are some wonderful hidden gems out there that you need to listen to!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Liquids on a Plane!

With the UK press going into overdrive with the plane fiasco of the last few days, to hell with the CIA, the FBI or MI6, only one man can sort out this mess! Samuel L "MotherFucking" Jackson!

Remember kids, Snakes on a Plane opens worldwide this Friday!

Monday, August 14, 2006

DVD Trash 1st Year Anniversary Competition!

To celebrate DVD Trash's 1st Year and nearing close to 10,000 hits on the Interweb - I've decided to put some DVD's up for grabs that can be won via a very easy competition!

Ok, the prizes on offer are a mix of the genres that make up DVD Trash and they are 3 Mighty Men from Onar Films, Gen-X Cops, Nine Deaths of the Ninja/Killpoint (Double Feature) and Dario Argento's latest, Do You Like Hitchcock?

All you need to do is answer this easy question:

What is the name of the Turkish actor who plays the dastardly Kilink in the series of movies recently available from Onar Films?

In addition you must complete a quick tie-breaker:

"I read DVD Trash everyday because..."

Send your answers to along with your name and where your from in the world.

You've got lots of time as the contest will run for a month until Sunday 17th September.

The correct answer and the best tie-breaker gets the DVD's. I will need the winners postal address at the end of the competition. The DVD's are a mixture of Region 0 and Region 1. Any questions or queries, just ask!

Furry Critters Box-Set

How cool is this - a Critters DVD Box-Set with all 4 Critters movies. This is a Hungarian Special Edition and you can buy it here.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Upcoming Italian releases from Federal Video

Hot on the heels of Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Federal Video have more cult releases on the way:

ROMA VIOLENTA (30/8/06):

Video: 1,85:1 anamorfico
Audio: DD 2.0 in italiano, sottotitoli per non udenti
Capitoli: 16
Extra: intervista esclusiva a Ray Lovelock, intervista a Daniele Magni e Silvio Giobbio autori di una guida ai polizieschi italiani anni '70, biografia del regista e degli attori principali


Video: 2,35:1 anamorfico
Audio: DD 2.0 in italiano, sottotitoli per non udenti
Capitoli: 16
Extra: intervista esclusiva ad Umberto Lenzi, biografia del regista e degli attori principali

Asia confirms Daria Nicolodi in "Mother of Tears"


The news about Dario Argento's latest movie gets better and better...

"I've been in Hong Kong for a while and i didn't bring my computer with me. I am now writing you from the "business center" of my hotel. God, you're always ahead of everyone, yes I am going to be in my dad's new movie (the script is brilliant!) and I am happy to tell you before anyone else that my mother is playing a role in it as well! How exciting! The family reunited. My heart is so mushy. And no, Sienna Miller ain't gonna be in it."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Whiggles goes to town on Fulci's Lizard!

Over at Whiggles, Mike MacKenzie has done the definitive DVD comparison of all the versions of "Lizard in a Woman's Skin" and it's quite frankly excellent so go check it now!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dust Devil Special 5 Disc Edition from Subversive Cinema

Check out this cracking release from Subversive Cinema, Richard Stanleys "Dust Devil", a 5 disc Special Edition that tells the tale of a lonely woman [Chelsea Field (The Last Boy Scout)] who leaves her husband and drives off into the desert, there she meets up with a handsome drifter named Hitch [Robert John Burke (Simple Men, Robocop 3)]. What she doesn't realize is Hitch is the menacing "Dust Devil," a shape-shifting killer who preys on the weak and the vulnerable.

Richard Stanley's legendary thriller about a charming, chameleonesque killer finally arrives in America in a director-approved version. This new final cut restores over 20 minutes of footage previously removed.

This new version includes:

-NTSC Region 1
-5 Disc Limited Edition
-Limited Edition of 10,000 Copies

Disc One:

• DUST DEVIL: THE FINAL CUT: 107-minute version with 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Stereo sound
• 107 min Hi Def transfer, 16×9 widescreen (1.85:1). Transfer approved by Richard Stanley.
• Audio commentary by Stanley and Hill
• Stanley’s production diaries
• A Demon Reborn: The Final DUST DEVIL featurette
• Making of DUST DEVIL featurette
• Trailer for the long-lost 16mm version of DUST DEVIL

Disc Two:

• Bonus CD: DUST DEVIL soundtrack by Simon Boswell

Disc Three:

• 114-minute reconstruction of the DUST DEVIL work print, in non-anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen with 2.0 stereo sound
• New DUST DEVIL comic book by Phil Avelli, story approved by Stanley

Disc Four:

• VOICE OF THE MOON documentary about Afghanistan, with commentary with Stanley and Hill
• THE WHITE DARKNESS documentary about Haitian Voodoo, with commentary by Stanley and his production diaries

Disc Five:

• SECRET GLORY documentary about the search for the Grail and the neo-Nazi movement, with commentary by Stanley and Hill and Stanley’s production diaries.

Hi-Def Caps from the movie on the Subversive Cinema Blog

Source: Subversive Cinema

Monday, August 07, 2006

Kriminal Original Soundtrack Arrives

Recently arrived to the DVD Trash collection is the Kriminal OST - one of my favourite comic book movies - from MovieGrooves!

"The long awaited released of the full soundtrack from Umberto Lenzi's 1966 cult crime-caper movie - Kriminal, based on the famous comic strip by writer Max Bunker and artists Magnus.
Lenzi's movie version of Kriminal starred Glenn Saxson as the eponymous anti-hero master-thief, a character much in the same vein as Diabolik - another comic strip character who also had got the movie treatment in 1968 by Mario Bava.

The Kriminal soundtrack is a fantastic mix of groovy dance beats, smooth jazz and lounge alongside some tension-heightening incidental music and ethnic elements such as Arabian arabesques."

Really nice grooves and one for fans to pick up. If your unfamiliar with Kriminal then you can read some DVD reviews of Kriminal and Il Marchio di Kriminal, with some more background to the character here

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Turkish Horror and Gialli from Onar

Aska Susayanlar Seks Vey Cinayet (Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder)

Oluler Konusmaz Ki

Both movies arriving on a Special Edition Double DVD, Fall 2006.

Kilink Trailers

Here are some Turkish Trailers for the already released Kilink DVD's from Onar:

Kilink Istanbul'Da

Kilink vs. Superman

Kilink, Strip and Kill

Turkish Trailer Extravaganza from Onar Films

Bill over at Onar Films has been busy and has put up trailers for all recent and forthcoming DVD's that he is working on. So without further words from me, lets take a look:

Casus Kiran:

Another super-obscure Turkish super-hero film coming on an action packed DVD, Early 2007

Maskeli Seytan:

From the makers of Kilink comes another Super-Hero gem, available Early 2007

Demir Pence Korsan Adam:

More Super-Hero mayhem, available Early 2007

Orumcek the Spider:

Super-Hero nonsense with added sleaze, Early 2007

Tarzan Istanbul Da'

Coming Xmas 2006, the first Turkish Tarzan movie from 1952

Tarzan Korkusuz Adam

Also known as Tarzan the Fearless, coming Xmas 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Asia Argento to star in Dario's "The Third Mother"

Source: Profondo Rosso

"Nel frattempo però Asia Argento ha dato la sua disponibilità a interpretare "La Terza Madre", è questa è certamente una notizia attesa dai fan.

Asia Argento has accepted to star in "The Third Mother"."

Excellent to hear this, more Asia on the big screen is always welcome.

Some other Argento news:

"Una bella notizia: Dario Argento ha girato un nuovo episodio, "Pelts", per la seconda stagione della serie televisiva americana "Masters of Horror".Dario Argento è già stato invitato a tornare in America per girare un altro episodio per la terza stagione della stessa serie.

Dario Argento has directed "Pelts", a new feature for the second season of American TV series "Masters of Horror". Argento has now been invited to go back to the States to direct a third feature for the same series.

Una notizia: l'inizio delle riprese del nuovo film di Dario Argento, "La Terza Madre", è stato spostato: il film si farà a novembre.

Shooting on Dario Argento's "The Third Mother" has been delayed till next November or later."

Bava Book Nearers Completion!

Tim Lucas's long awaited opus on Mario Bava is finally nearing completion and we could be soon getting our sweaty hands upon it. Even though it's been a long wait, I'm very much looking forward to it.

More info here.

Source: Tim Lucas Video WatchBlog & Bava Book Update