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Thursday, December 14, 2006

News from Sazuma: La Settima Donna

From Lars at Sazuma:

"La Settima Donna (aka The Last House on the Beach aka Terror aka Verflucht zum Töten), No. 2 in our “Italian Genre Cinema Collection”, is slowly taking shape. Originally slated for release at October the 23rd of 2006, we had to bump the disc back due to the creation of additional features and a better image transfer (which actually looks absolutely stunning, by the way). The disc will now be released as a two-disc set with the film’s original Soundtrack on a separate audio CD in early 2007, the exact release date will be announced soon.
To shorten the wait a little, take a look at the German trailer of the film which is a sight in its own right as it is pretty cheesy, featuring a different dubbing job than the film’s actual German language track as well as a couple of different music cues. Click here to enjoy."

We're Back....

After a month (or thereabouts) hiatus, DVD Trash has returned! Been working on my own business, a bar in Glasgow, The Town Tavern (bar blog to follow), so that has taken up most of my time. Apologies for the lack of updates and DVD Trash will resume normal service very soon!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Pizza Royale 007!

A friend of mine, Dominic Crolla recently won PAPA’s (The Pizza and Pasta Association) Pizza Designer of the Year Award for 2006. It was a pizza specially created to coincide with the new James Bond movie, "Casino Royale".

Therefore, via eBay, to celebrate National Pizza Indulgence Day on 17th November, The Fred Hollows Foundation (UK) in association with The Pizza and Pasta Association (PAPA) are auctioning this magnificent example of the pizza maker's art.

The prize is one pizza (described below), prepared for the winner by Domenico Crolla at his Bella Napoli restaurant (85 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow G41 3YR Tel: 07971098765) or in your home - subject to agreement (email the seller to confirm prior to placing your bid if you have any doubt).

“The title is very appropriate given the expensive ingredients and use of gold leaf. If James Bond ate pizza, this would be the one," says Domenico. "The dough is hand made using the finest Canadian & Italian blended wheat, flavoured with Extra Virgin olive oil, organic Australian honey, organic egg yolks and Italian sun-dried tomatoes. It’s allowed to mature for 24 hours to develop taste and texture. The sauce is made with top quality Neapolitan tomatoes produced to D.O.C standards - delicious and expensive – and hand-picked, organic basil and oregano. Hand-picked saffron gives exotic colour and flavour to the sauce as do the best quality, hand-pressed Italian olive oils. The toppings will be laid out on the base like an antipasto dish, not one ‘big combo’, allowing the individual flavours to stand out. Toppings include Beluga caviar, Scottish smoked wild salmon, and San Daniele Prosciutto drizzled with Modena extra special vintage balsamic vinegar. Lobster marinated in Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, grilled Scottish venison medallions with sweet Bourbon glaze, grilled Aberdeen Angus fillet and corn-fed fajita chicken made with imported Mexican chillis would complete the line-up. After baking , the pizza is topped with hand torn (not sliced) Mozzarella di Buffalo and thinly shaved white truffles and dressed with 24 carat gold leaf giving this epic pizza a look which is both expensive and unique."

This is a charity listing so bid generously and, you never know, you might also break the record for the World's Most Expensive pizza which currently stands around £2,000. All the money raised through the auction will be going to The Fred Hollows Foundation UK (registered charity no. 1074478) that provides cataract operations for blind people in developing countries (Every £16 raised means that another person will get their sight back).

It's for a good cause so get bidding!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hostel 2: Teaser Trailer

Looking good....

Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Rollin Titles on the way!

Frisson des Vampires, Le Limited Collector's Edition (2.000 pcs)

PRICE € 26,99



A two disc digipack with slipcase and a 32 page full color book! Limited edition in Encore's superb "Jean Rollin" series of only 2.000 pcs! Le Frisson des Vampires is a classic Jean Rollin movie. From its freaky pop soundtrack by Acanthus and stunning lead actresses Julien and Dominique, through its erotic and lyrical scenes at the cemetery and up to its poetic conclusion, the film oozes the kind of atmosphere filmgoers have come to expect from the French maestro. This picture is a true time machine: it brings one back to a period when European filmmakers dared to cross all boundaries and fantastic cinema had truly mesmerizing quality. Newlyweds Jean-Marie Durand and Sandra Julien spend their honeymoon on the countryside and visit a mysterious castle. There they get involved in a series of strange events: it turns out that the castle is inhabited by vampires. Especially the female one (cult actress Dominique) has some special plans for Julien...

DVD features:

Disc one: * Feature Film Le Frisson des Vampires * New anamorphic 16x9 version scanned and colorgraded from the original negatives, unique quality level. * The soundtrack is digitally remastered.

Disc two: * Slideshow with more than 100 rare photo's * Audio commentary by Jean Rollin * Deleted scenes * Original trailer Book: * Essay on "Le Frisson des Vampires" * Loads of rare photo's

Also known as:
Shiver of the Vampires

Director: Jean Rollin
Language: French, English
Subtitles: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish
System: PAL
Region: 0
Genre: Horror
Label: Encore

Nuit des Traquées, La Limited Collector's Edition (2.000 pcs)
PRICE € 26,99


A two disc digipack with slipcase and a 32 page full color book! Limited edition in Encore's superb "Jean Rollin" series of only 2.000 pcs! La Nuit des Traquées is an exceptional work, even within Jean Rollin's enigmatic oeuvre. The film doesn't feature the director's usual ingredients like vampires and lyrical atmosphere, but has a very realistic and chilling touch. Rollin also manages to include creepy echoes of the Second World War in his utterly compelling and highly melancholic tale of doomed love. Ona cold dark night a mysterious blonde girl is seen running around in the woods. It's Elisabeth (Brigitte Lahaie), who has escaped from a high-rise prison, where people are kept who have been contaminated by an environmental accident. Their thoughts, memories and emotions are slowly eaten away by disease, turning them into sad, helpless creatures. A young man (Vincent Carder) has fallen in love with Elisabeth and tries to help her escape. But the clinic's henchmen are ruthless...

DVD features:

Disc one: * Feature Film * Original Trailer * New anamorphic 16x9 version scanned and colorgraded from the original negatives, unique quality level. * The soundtrack is digitally remastered.

Disc two: * Interview Brigitte Lahaie * Interview Lionell Wallmann * Audio commentary by Jean Rollin and Brigitte Lahaie * Audio commentary by Jean Rollin * Picture Gallery * Interview Alain Plumey and the museum of eroticism * Alternative scenes "Hard Version"
Book * Essay on "La Nuit des Traquées * Loads of rare photo's

Also known as
Night of the Hunted
Director: Jean Rollin
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish
System: PAL
Region: 0
Genre: Horror
Label: Encore

Monday, October 30, 2006

Farce of the Penguins!

Not exactly a sequel to March of the Penguins, but definitely funnier!

Check out the trailer here

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Ultimate Hammer Collection!

Due for release on the 30th October is the Ultimate Hammer Collection. Ranging from the very best from the studio's vaults to the very worst as well. Mondo-Esoterica has the scoop on this very interesting looking collection!

Suspiria on Location!

Very nice little trip taken by an Italian fan of Suspiria, check it out here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sadistik Arrives!

Look what has just arrived at the DVD Trash HQ! Full report about this cool Fumetto later!

In the meantime, go buy a copy yourself from GoSadistik!

Baywatch Beach Builder!

Go here to check it out!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baywatch and the Hoffmeister on DVD!

The Hoff and Baywatch arrive on DVD on October 30th, trashy TV at it's best. Enjoy some of the Hoff's bouffant hair with this little trailer.

"BAYWATCH premiered in the US on 1st April 1 1989, and enjoyed a successful run throughout the '90s before coming to an end in 2001. The show took the role of the lowly lifeguard and completely transformed it, adding adventure, excitement, and sex appeal to an occupation that seemed an unlikely basis for a TV show. David Hasselhoff, fresh from his '80s triumph with KNIGHT RIDER, filled the lead role of Lt. Mitch Buchannon, while a bevy of curvacious beauties stood at his side, including Pamela Anderson in the show that launched her career."

DVD Details:

BAYWATCH THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE contains all 22 episodes across 6 discs and includes the pilot episode "Panic at Malibu Pier" and a stills gallery.

Total Running Time = 1035 minutes (feature only)

Screen Ratio = 1.33:1

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Grindhouse Trailer: Machete!

How good does this trailer for Grindhouse look? Rodriguez and Tarantino have the coolest movie of the year! Danny Trejo rocks too!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hostel 2: Eli and Edwige!

No matter what you think of Eli Roth, having Edwige Fenech back on the big screen is fantastic!

Quote from Eli's MySpace:
"I'm 2/3rd of the way through the shoot and I am so fucking psyched with how it's coming along. I can't give away any details right now but I think the fans of the first film are going to love it. I've just put up a photo that's the first photo released from the set. One of my favorite movie stars of all time is the Italian actress/goddess Edwige Fenech, who had many, many hits in the 70's and 80's. She's been retired from acting for ten years and is a big producer in Italy, as well as film distributor. I was fortunate enough to meet her back in February, and when I asked her if she'd ever return to the screen, she said she'd only do it for me or Quentin. I wrote a part for her in the film hoping she'd do it, and she kept her promise.
It was an incredible thrill to get to direct her, and now her fans as well as a whole bunch of new fans will get to enjoy her performance. Look her up on IMDB and track down her DVDs through No Shame films. She made a number of comedies, as well as some fucking awesome Giallo films, like "The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh," and "Strip Nude for Your Killer." This photo is me directing her the first day of shooting. There are many more strange stories from the shoot that I'll share at a later date, but thanks for all your comments and positive energy.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Psychotronic Cinema: GFT, Glasgow

Good news for Scottish cult cinema fans as the Psychotronic Cinema is proud to present Mondo Italia at the GFT, Glasgow with some real high quality screenings.

"Psychotronic Cinema returns to the GFT with a special new line-up dedicated to Italian cult films of the 1960s and 70s – Mondo Italia!

In this period the Italian film industry was spectacularly strong, boasting massive audiences with a ferocious appetite for excessive cinema. A plethora of talented directors responded with a vengeance, creating a string of crazy classics that make up one of the most exciting strands in the history of cult cinema.

From the outrageous horror stylings of Dario Argento’s masterpiece Suspiria to the absolute lunacy of Flesh For Frankenstein, Psychotronic is delighted to present the very best Italian cult films of the period. These movies rip across the screen with a demented energy and a determination to entertain at all costs. The six films on offer are utterly unique and absolutely unforgettable.Welcome to another dose of the wild side of cinema.

Welcome to Mondo Italia!"

The films on offer are:

Suspiria - Wednesday 1st November - 8.45pm

Dario Argento Italy 1977 1h34m DVD 18 Cast: Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci, Miguel Bosé. A dizzying burst of astounding, psychedelic primary colour photography. The orgasmic intensity of Goblin's audacious, pounding soundtrack. The most famous opening ten minutes of any horror film. A series of outrageous set pieces – the work of a visionary director operating at the absolute height of his powers. Welcome to Dario Argento's masterpiece. There are stories of audiences stumbling out of cinemas, dazed and stunned, when Suspiria was initially released. Almost thirty years later, the effect on you will be no less profound.

Danger! Diabolik - Wednesday 8th November - 8.45pm

Mario Bava Italy/France 1968 1h39m 35mm PG Cast: John Philip Law, Marisa Mell, Michel Piccoli, Adolfo Celi, Claudio Gora. Mario Bava, the grandfather of Italian cult cinema, goes wild in one of the most visually striking superhero comic book adaptations of all time. Decked out in a leather jump suit, his blond bombshell girlfriend by his side, Diabolik dashes through a series of criminal adventures all intended to 'screw the system'. A belting, swinging Ennio Morricone soundtrack adds to the fun, as does jaw-dropping production design – Diabolik's ubercool underground lair needs to be seen to be believed. More entertainment than this in ninety minutes would be against the law.

Milano Calibre 9 - Wednesday 15th November - 8.45pm

Fernando Di Leo Italy 1972 1h37m DVD 15 Cast: Gastone Moschin, Barbara Bouchet, Mario Adorf, Frank Wolff. In typical Italian style the elements of American films such as The French Connection were amped to the max in the country's homegrown crime films of the 1970s. Milano Calibre 9 features all the typical excess of the genre – frantic action, shocking violence, psychopathic bad guys, outrageous 70s fashions and a full-blooded soundtrack. It is the deeply involving characters and hopelessly engaging central whodunnit narrative which transform De Leo's film into a true classic. A taut, beautifully constructed movie which builds to an unforgettable, nail-biting climax that will leave you gasping for air.

Django - Wednesday 22nd November - 8.45pm

Sergio Corbucci Italy/Spain/France 1966 1h31m 35mm 15 Cast: Franco Nero, José Bódalo, Loredana Nusciak, Gino Pernice. Django opens with the most iconic image of any spaghetti western – a darkly-clad stranger dragging a coffin behind him. From that moment on the film takes no prisoners, blasting the boundaries of cinematic taste and violence to bits. Chock full of action Corbucci's movie is lean, brutal and boasts some superbly choreographed gunfight sequences. But the film explodes when the director cuts loose and goes crazy. Several sequences reach an almost unbearable, truly psychotronic intensity. A cool, cruel, rampant spaghetti classic, Django is right up there with Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy.

Your Vice is a Locked Room... - Wednesday 29th November - 8.45pm

Sergio Martino Italy 1972 1h36m DVD 18 Cast: Edwige Fenech, Anita Strindberg, Luigi Pistilli, Ivan Rassimov. Stunning 70s cult icon Edwige Fenech stars in this incredibly titled, ultra rare giallo which transports us straight to the wild side of 70s Italian cult cinema. When the mistress of a burned-out writer is found slashed to death, the crime initiates a whirlpool of violence and mayhem. This truly delirious brew boasts all the essential psychotronic elements: substance abuse, gratuitous sex, infidelity, incest, melodrama, hippie love communes and outrageous plot twists. Beautifully photographed, audaciously directed and featuring a trippy soundtrack, Your Vice is unmissable cinematic insanity of the highest order.

Flesh for Frankenstein - Wednesday 6th November - 8.45pm

Paul Morrissey & Antonio Margheriti Italy/France/USA 1973 1h35m 35mm 18 Cast: Joe Dallesandro, Monique van Vooren, Udo Kier, Arno Juerging, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Srdjan Zelenovic. The most freakish and hilarious version of Frankenstein ever filmed, Paul Morrissey's film is one of the greatest cult films of all time. Chock full of gore, perversity, hilarious one-liners and outright insanity, Flesh For Frankenstein is anchored by two superb performances from ultimate cult icons Udo Kier and Joe Dallesandro. Those who caught Morrissey's Blood For Dracula at the last Psychotronic season will have an idea of what to expect. The difference is that Flesh For Frankenstein is funnier, dirtier and way more extreme. It's an absurdly entertaining, demented masterpiece.

A fantastic lineup indeed and I must make special mention that Diabolik, Django and Flesh for Frankenstein will be screened via 35mm prints while the others are via DVD. To see Diabolik this way for the first time is going to be very special indeed!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Name a horror film that you would like to see turned into a broadway musical."

The Nightmare on Elm Street movies, with Freddy discovering a penchant for tap routines!
Click the logo for more Roundtable shenanigans!

RIP: Renato Polselli

Great cult Italian director Renato Polselli (Delirium, Rivelazioni di uno psichiatra sul mondo perverso del sesso and The Reincarnation of Isabel) has died at the age of 84. Very sad news indeed. This along with the death Micky Hargitay last week should force you all to dig out your Delirium DVD's this weekend for a little tribute.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Extreme Film Research, Glasgow Focus Group

If you remember a little while back, I posted some information regarding some Extreme Film Research that the University of Aberystwyth were carrying out. Well they are now at the stage of doing some focus groups in Scotland with "Baise-Moi" and "House on the Edge of the Park" being the films in question.

These groups are likely to be held on 2 of the following nights from either Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th or Wednesday 11th of October at the Glasgow Film Theatre, from either 6.30-8.30pm or 7-9pm (Times TBC).

I will be attending both nights, but the organiser Melanie Selfe is still on the lookout for more volunteers to attend, particulary some female film fans, so if you are interested and can make it to Glasgow on these evenings then either contact me at or Melanie herself directly at

Sunday, September 24, 2006

5 Movies Hollywood should stop making! have got it spot on - only hope Hollywood take notice!

1. Movies about any queen named Elizabeth
Elizabeth, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Queen Elizabeth, The Virgin Queen and The Queen. Why do we need so many movies about a representative figurehead who doesn't even do anything? If we really gave a shit about Queen Elizabeth, we wouldn't have fought and won the American Revolution. Enough already. Fuck.

2. Movies that are part of Zach Braff's Emo McHipster saga
How many movies do we need in which Braff plays a charmingly conflicted 20-something trying to figure out "what it all means" by staring sullenly at us from artful camera shots until he meets a girl who's vaguely "different" because she does wacky spontaneous stuff like yelling into canyons in the rain, all set to a soundtrack of last year's mainstream indie rock, which Braff clearly thinks is "edgy" despite the fact this life-changing music can probably also be found in a Toyota commercial?

3. Movies in which the lesser Wayans Brothers dress up as something they are not, such as white people or women or white women, in order to accomplish some hair-brained scheme.
These make me laugh so hard I become physically uncomfortable and if they do another—say, one in which Marlon pretends to be a hippopotamus in order to get a cheap land deal on the local zoo—I think my sternum might rip open, as it would be unable to contain the tidal waves of laughter surging from deep within my belly.

4. Movies in which an idealistic teacher must use unconventional methods (such as dancing, rapping or wearing leather jackets) to get through to violent, unruly inner-city high school students.
Do you know what would happen in the real world if Antonio Banderas rolled up on the Bronx's problem-child mafia and tried to "make a connection" by teaching them how to salsa dance? They'd rip off his fruity little dancing shoes and use them to violently break his legs.

5. Movies about animated animals, insects or any other creatures that can't actually talk.
So Ray Romano is a squirrel who has to get a bag of nuts across Mean Old Farmer Frank's wheat field so his family can eat for the winter, and he only has Ollie the Ellen DeGeneres-sounding Turtle to help him get there and they have adventures and there are hijinks and light adult humor and they form unlikely friendships and who gives a fuck? It's no wonder kids are getting dumber.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The History of Boobage in Video Games!

With the recent release of DOA: Dead or Alive, X-Play bring you the "History of Breast Physics in Video Games!"

We have a winner!

After much deliberation, DVD Trash reader, Melissa Becker from Florida, has won the DVD competition. Of course the correct answer was Yildirim Gencer, and her winning tie-break was:

"I read DVD Trash everyday because of Dr. Paul Bearer. He was the host of the Saturday afternoon movie on the grainy UHF station in Tampa when I was growing up. They were all classics like Attack of the Killer Shrews and Fist of the White Locust. My Dad and I would watch them together. I don’t have a lot of memories of my Dad before his death. But I remember those movies. I remember watching Chopping Mall and I Come in Peace (and you leave in pieces) with him. He’s not here anymore but I still love those great trashy flicks that have no higher goal than to entertain."

Well done, and the DVD's will be with you soon!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Edwige Fenech in Hostel 2!

Amazing news for fans of the Italian sex comedies of the 70' s, who can rejoice with the news that Edwige Fenech has a role in the upcoming Eli Roth movie "Hostel 2", with producer Tarantino impressing La Fenech with his knowledge of her movies. Quoted as saying that he "knows all about my films" she was only to happy to agree to the role. This will be a return to the big screen for her after many years as a producer.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Pinky Violence and Horror from Panik House

Great news from Matt Kennedy at Panik House who are teaming up with Don May Jr. at Synapse Films to release some Pinky Horror titles:

"Edogawa Ranpo Zenshu: Kyofu Kikei Ningen; aka Horror Of The Malformed Men"

This is the most notorious film in the history of Japanese cinema. It has been banned since it's release in 1969, and is the film that really cemented Teruo Ishii's reputation as a master in the art of transgressive filmmaking. All rhetoric aside, this is one of the true classics of the era.

"Kaidan Hebi-onna; aka Snake Woman's Curse"

This was the first of the Pinky Horror films released by Toei. It was helmed by master director Nobuo Nakagawa, who has been called the Japanese Hitchcock, and Akemi Negishi (Sex & Fury, Lady Snowblood) stars.

Also being released are some Pinky Violence series inlcuding:

Yoen Dokufu Den : Hannya no Ohyaku; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Female Demon Ohyaku
Yoen Dokufu Den : Hitokiri Okatsu; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Quickdraw Okatsu
Yoen Dokufu Den : Okatsu Kyojo Tabi; aka Sexy Deadly Legend: Okatsu's Epic Journey


Gincho Wataridori; aka Wandering Ginza Butterfly
Gincho Nagaremono Mesuneko Bakuchi; aka Wandering Ginza She-Cat Gambler

"These films are beyond legendary, and have never been released on DVD. Some English titles may change by release date, but make no mistake that these films will be presented uncut in their original form -remastered for optimal viewing and listening enjoyment.

This particular crop of films has allowed me to present two entire series (like we did with the two Inoshika Ocho films starring Reiko Ike), which was key in my decision to license them. I had chosen not to release the entire series of Girl Boss films because I felt that not all entries were as strong as Girl Boss Guerilla, but the two Butterfly films and the three Okatsu films are all really incredible movies, so it's not a case of licensing them just to release a whole series; these films rock!

Additionally, these will not be issued as box sets, but instead as individual discs (possibly at the same time) affording the option of buying all at once or one at a time as your budget dictates."

The Horror Roundtable: Week 12

Name a great late-night horror television experience you have had?

DVD Trash: "Has to be staying up on Friday nights watching Hammer classics on the BBC, which strengthened my love of horror movies when I was younger."

See the other replies over at the Roundtable!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Final Reminder for the DVD Competition - 2 days to go!

Competition Reminder!

To celebrate DVD Trash's 1st Year and nearing close to 10,000 hits on the Interweb - I've decided to put some DVD's up for grabs that can be won via a very easy competition!

Ok, the prizes on offer are a mix of the genres that make up DVD Trash and they are 3 Mighty Men from Onar Films, Gen-X Cops, Nine Deaths of the Ninja/Killpoint (Double Feature) and Dario Argento's latest, Do You Like Hitchcock?

All you need to do is answer this easy question: What is the name of the Turkish actor who plays the dastardly Kilink in the series of movies recently available from Onar Films?

In addition you must complete a quick tie-breaker: "I read DVD Trash everyday because..."

Send your answers to along with your name and where your from in the world.You've got lots of time as the contest will run for a month until Sunday 17th September. The correct answer and the best tie-breaker gets the DVD's.

I will need the winners postal address at the end of the competition. The DVD's are a mixture of Region 0 and Region 1. Any questions or queries, just ask!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Guest Review: So Sweet, So Perverse (Cosi Dolce, Cosi Perversa)

Kobra Zoltan (a.k.a Martin Holder) over at the European Film Review forums has made his writing debut into the world of cult film reviews and he begins with "So Sweet, So Perverse".
Enjoy and as always comments most welcome and hopefully there will be more articles and reviews on the way from Martin.

“A Sweet Kind of Perversion“

Italy/France/Germany/Eastmancolour (88mins)

Director : Umberto Lenzi
Producers : Mino Loy, Luciano Martino
Story : Luciano Martino
Screenplay : Ernesto Gastaldi
Cinematography : Memmo (Guglielmo) Mancori
Editor : Eugenio Alabiso
Music : Riz Ortolani
Song : “Why ?“ - Vincent Edward
Cast : Carroll Baker, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Erika Blanc, Horst Frank, Helga Line.

Despite some critics dismissing this film as being “nothing special “, this is yet another example of the slick & stylish thrillers where no-one is quite what they seem or who they appear to be , churned out by director Umberto Lenzi and ably assisted by the production duo of Mino Loy & Luciano Martino.

These three consistently managed to “deliver the goods” during a period when the Giallo was enjoying both a healthy period at the cinema’s and was in it’s ascendancy , both at home in Italy and making it’s mark in the worldwide market.

So what of the film? - the film concerns Jean-Louis Trintignant, this time not paired opposite his usual female sparring partner of such films as Death Laid an Egg & With Heart in Mouth - Ewa Aulin, this time he’s playing a Parisian Industrialist and socialite - Jean Reynaud - who’s marriage to Danielle - Erika Blanc is floundering.

But then a chance sighting of a mystery woman in a lift at his Parisian apartment proves not to be so accidental (as is so often the case in these films)>

After hearing sounds in the apartment above his, which according to the concierge is supposed to be abandoned, of a woman being assaulted, he investigates and discovers that the woman that he idly caught an glimpse of in the lift, is living in the apartment, and reveals herself to be Nicole (Carroll Baker), a seemingly terrified woman who is under the thrall of a domineering and controlling boyfriend, Klaus (Horst Frank).

Here the usual role essayed by Baker in previous Lenzi outings such as Orgasmo /Paranoia (A Quiet Place to Kill) of the frightened and/or scared female victim under threat from person or persons unknown is neatly turned on it’s head, that’s the impression she’s trying to convey to both Jean and the viewer, but as we will later learn Nicole is an entirely different type of role altogether than the ones Baker normally played for Lenzi.

Following this initial meeting, Nicole & Jean embark upon a torrid relationship, but she later reveals that she was set up as bait to entice him into a trap devised by Klaus, who’s been paid $20,000 to kill Jean , but by whom ?

After this shocking revelation, Nicole phones Jean and arranges to meet him at her apartment at midnight, but it’s a trap and Klaus kills him by stabbing him to death , but then burns his body and crashes his car , making it appear that he perished in a car accident.

You’d know be forgiven for thinking that Klaus & Nicole planned this from the start? - Well you’d be wrong! - it transpires that it was Danielle and Nicole that conspired to get their hands on Jean’s money, whilst Nicole cleverly managed to get Jean to sign control of his shares in the business over to her , but she tells Danielle that she “didn’t know what she was signing , and it’s only money”

But as the full revelation of what she’s done begins to sink in, Danielle starts feeling both guilty and remorseful, but then when messages from beyond the grave and mysterious phone calls start occurring, Danielle starts doubting her own sanity.

Is Jean still alive? - are Jean & Nicole secretly plotting together to drive Danielle insane in order to get their hands on her share of the money?

The answers to these questions I’ll leave for you to discover, the only thing I will say is that it would have been a neat twist if Helga Line character had been in on it, she plays a character who has a brief fling with Jean-Louis Trintignant’s character at the start of the picture, and it hinted is attracted to both sexes, but that’s about it.

I also feel that as an actress Line was criminally under-used in the Giallo genre, and could’ve easily played a leading role that was normally given to the likes of Edwige Fenech, Rosalba Neri, Barbara Boucher, et al.

Anyone expecting any type of “perversion” hinted by the title I’m afraid will be sorely disappointed, apart from the aforementioned Line’s character of a swinger, there’s a brief cameo by Beryl Cunningham at a party hosted by Line, playing a stripper, even the supposed Lesbianism between Baker & Blanc’s character’s is more suggestion , apart from a scene with the pair of them in black underwear and “baby doll“ nightie, there’s no hint of any salaciousness .

And the overall moral of the picture? - Money doesn’t always buy you happiness and as Nicole comes to realise life can be finite and treachery and deception must be paid for, sometimes, with the ultimate price, in the end.

More Musical Gems from 7 Black Notes

Check out another great musical post over at 7 Black Notes with some unreleased Italian gems including: Knife of Ice, A Blade in the Dark & Yellow Emanuelle.

The Round Table - Week 11

"Name one horror film that you would actually like to see remade. Bonus points for naming your dream director for this fantasy remake."

DVD Trash:

"Will be shot down in flames for this I’m sure, but I’d like to see Michele Soavi redo “The Beyond” in his own unique style, given a good cast and a decent budget, I reckon he could make something quite spectacular and terrifying. The central theme of The Beyond is fantastic and I’d love to see another (good) directors take on it."

See the other viewpoints over at the HorrorRoundtable.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Morte Sospetta di una Minorenne Review on the way!

Sazuma have just sent me a review copy of "Morte Sospetta di una Minorenne" and my thoughts will be online very soon. This is due to be released on September 10th.


At a dance hall, inspector Germi flirts with a young prostitute who’s found brutally murdered only a short time later. On his manhunt for the vicious killer, he’s joined by pickpocket Giannino who gives his hands-on assist to the inspector’s unorthodox investigative methods. The bloodstained track leads cop and robber into a depraved world of white slavery, child kidnapping and corruption. Morte Sospetta di una Minorenne is by far giallo icon Sergio Martino’s (The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh, All the Colors of the Dark) wildest and most incredible film. A masterly, gripping action-thriller that spices up the poliziesco genre with elements of the giallo and a touch of cynical humour. Martino’s regular director of photography Giancarlo Ferrando once again delivers fantastic images that along with Luciano Michelini’s intoxicating music score guarantee for a great movie experience. proudly presents an uncut and restored version of this long-lost masterpiece of the Italian genre cinema for the very first time worldwide. Cinema all’arrabbiata!

Special Features:

Sergio Martino’s gripping giallo/poliziesco crossover from 1975 is being released on DVD for the very first time worldwide and kicks off’s Italian Genre Cinema Collection.

Audio Commentary by Film Critics Christian Kessler and Robert Zion, Featurette with Director Sergio Martino, Italian Trailer.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Competition Reminder!

To celebrate DVD Trash's 1st Year and nearing close to 10,000 hits on the Interweb - I've decided to put some DVD's up for grabs that can be won via a very easy competition!

Ok, the prizes on offer are a mix of the genres that make up DVD Trash and they are 3 Mighty Men from Onar Films, Gen-X Cops, Nine Deaths of the Ninja/Killpoint (Double Feature) and Dario Argento's latest, Do You Like Hitchcock?

All you need to do is answer this easy question: What is the name of the Turkish actor who plays the dastardly Kilink in the series of movies recently available from Onar Films?

In addition you must complete a quick tie-breaker: "I read DVD Trash everyday because..."

Send your answers to along with your name and where your from in the world.

You've got lots of time as the contest will run for a month until Sunday 17th September. The correct answer and the best tie-breaker gets the DVD's.

I will need the winners postal address at the end of the competition. The DVD's are a mixture of Region 0 and Region 1. Any questions or queries, just ask!

Gymkata: 80's Martial Arts Trash on the way from WB!

"Johnathan Cabot is a champion gymnast. In the tiny, yet savage, country of Parmistan, there is a perfect spot for a "star wars" site. For the US to get this site, they must compete in the brutal "Game". The government calls on Cabot, the son of a former operative, to win the game. Cabot must combine his gymnastics skills of the west with fighting secrets of the east and form GYMKATA!"

Never seen this - but looks like a keeper!

Street date is January 30th 2007 - Amazon

Latest DVD Purchases!

Newly arrived to the DVD Trash collection are:

Murderock (Shriek Show, R1)

9 Deaths of the Ninja/Killpoint Double Feature(BCI, R1)

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Round Table - Week 9

Once again, DVD Trash is part of the fantastic Round Table at the Horror Blog, this weeks topic is rare cinematic gems!

Name an obscure gem which you can recommend without reservation?
DVD Trash:
Since I’m a fan of Turkish cult classics, then I can only recommend picking up the Kilink movies from Onar Films, but if you can find it, go for their recent release of 3 Mighty Men ( 3 Dev Adam), starring Captain America and El Santo, plus it also includes some (un)forgettable dialogue such as “Spider is a child-minded lunatic”. Failing that and if your after some grubby Italian sleaze then try and track down Renato Polselli’s “Rivelazioni di uno psichiatra sul mondo perverso del sesso” - a film I’ve only ever seen for sale at conventions!
Read the other horror afficionado's thoughts over at the Horror Blog!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

10,000 Hits!

At 11.10pm GMT, DVD Trash reached 10,000 hits, thanks to everyone who takes a look everyday, very much appreciated.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Snakes on Cocaine?

It seems the bubble has burst for the stars of the No.1 movie in the world right now, Snakes on a Plane, it looks like the bright lights of Hollywood has attracted some more victims!

Scoring some drugs was the order of the day followed by picking up some hookers!

A very sad tale (tail?) and a warning for any aspiring starlets!

DVD Trash joins the Round Table

The Horror Blog's weekly round table has seen fit to ask DVD Trash to the sit down and with Snakes on a "Motherfucking" Plane released this week, the question posed was "Name your favourite cinematic animal attack" So go check it out if you can!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cult Music and Soundtrack Blogs

I've noticed a lot of blogs at the moment that are offering very rare and OOP music and soundtracks ranging from Fabio Frizzi's L'Aldila at Rare & OOP Soundtracks, astounding compilations at Morghini's, Spaghetti Western and Creature Features at Dust 2 Dust.

In addition there other blogs offering classic Euro-Pop ranging from Rita Pavone, Mina, Nada and Claudine Longet amongst others. So if you get a moment check these out, there are some wonderful hidden gems out there that you need to listen to!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Liquids on a Plane!

With the UK press going into overdrive with the plane fiasco of the last few days, to hell with the CIA, the FBI or MI6, only one man can sort out this mess! Samuel L "MotherFucking" Jackson!

Remember kids, Snakes on a Plane opens worldwide this Friday!

Monday, August 14, 2006

DVD Trash 1st Year Anniversary Competition!

To celebrate DVD Trash's 1st Year and nearing close to 10,000 hits on the Interweb - I've decided to put some DVD's up for grabs that can be won via a very easy competition!

Ok, the prizes on offer are a mix of the genres that make up DVD Trash and they are 3 Mighty Men from Onar Films, Gen-X Cops, Nine Deaths of the Ninja/Killpoint (Double Feature) and Dario Argento's latest, Do You Like Hitchcock?

All you need to do is answer this easy question:

What is the name of the Turkish actor who plays the dastardly Kilink in the series of movies recently available from Onar Films?

In addition you must complete a quick tie-breaker:

"I read DVD Trash everyday because..."

Send your answers to along with your name and where your from in the world.

You've got lots of time as the contest will run for a month until Sunday 17th September.

The correct answer and the best tie-breaker gets the DVD's. I will need the winners postal address at the end of the competition. The DVD's are a mixture of Region 0 and Region 1. Any questions or queries, just ask!

Furry Critters Box-Set

How cool is this - a Critters DVD Box-Set with all 4 Critters movies. This is a Hungarian Special Edition and you can buy it here.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Upcoming Italian releases from Federal Video

Hot on the heels of Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Federal Video have more cult releases on the way:

ROMA VIOLENTA (30/8/06):

Video: 1,85:1 anamorfico
Audio: DD 2.0 in italiano, sottotitoli per non udenti
Capitoli: 16
Extra: intervista esclusiva a Ray Lovelock, intervista a Daniele Magni e Silvio Giobbio autori di una guida ai polizieschi italiani anni '70, biografia del regista e degli attori principali


Video: 2,35:1 anamorfico
Audio: DD 2.0 in italiano, sottotitoli per non udenti
Capitoli: 16
Extra: intervista esclusiva ad Umberto Lenzi, biografia del regista e degli attori principali

Asia confirms Daria Nicolodi in "Mother of Tears"


The news about Dario Argento's latest movie gets better and better...

"I've been in Hong Kong for a while and i didn't bring my computer with me. I am now writing you from the "business center" of my hotel. God, you're always ahead of everyone, yes I am going to be in my dad's new movie (the script is brilliant!) and I am happy to tell you before anyone else that my mother is playing a role in it as well! How exciting! The family reunited. My heart is so mushy. And no, Sienna Miller ain't gonna be in it."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Whiggles goes to town on Fulci's Lizard!

Over at Whiggles, Mike MacKenzie has done the definitive DVD comparison of all the versions of "Lizard in a Woman's Skin" and it's quite frankly excellent so go check it now!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dust Devil Special 5 Disc Edition from Subversive Cinema

Check out this cracking release from Subversive Cinema, Richard Stanleys "Dust Devil", a 5 disc Special Edition that tells the tale of a lonely woman [Chelsea Field (The Last Boy Scout)] who leaves her husband and drives off into the desert, there she meets up with a handsome drifter named Hitch [Robert John Burke (Simple Men, Robocop 3)]. What she doesn't realize is Hitch is the menacing "Dust Devil," a shape-shifting killer who preys on the weak and the vulnerable.

Richard Stanley's legendary thriller about a charming, chameleonesque killer finally arrives in America in a director-approved version. This new final cut restores over 20 minutes of footage previously removed.

This new version includes:

-NTSC Region 1
-5 Disc Limited Edition
-Limited Edition of 10,000 Copies

Disc One:

• DUST DEVIL: THE FINAL CUT: 107-minute version with 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Stereo sound
• 107 min Hi Def transfer, 16×9 widescreen (1.85:1). Transfer approved by Richard Stanley.
• Audio commentary by Stanley and Hill
• Stanley’s production diaries
• A Demon Reborn: The Final DUST DEVIL featurette
• Making of DUST DEVIL featurette
• Trailer for the long-lost 16mm version of DUST DEVIL

Disc Two:

• Bonus CD: DUST DEVIL soundtrack by Simon Boswell

Disc Three:

• 114-minute reconstruction of the DUST DEVIL work print, in non-anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen with 2.0 stereo sound
• New DUST DEVIL comic book by Phil Avelli, story approved by Stanley

Disc Four:

• VOICE OF THE MOON documentary about Afghanistan, with commentary with Stanley and Hill
• THE WHITE DARKNESS documentary about Haitian Voodoo, with commentary by Stanley and his production diaries

Disc Five:

• SECRET GLORY documentary about the search for the Grail and the neo-Nazi movement, with commentary by Stanley and Hill and Stanley’s production diaries.

Hi-Def Caps from the movie on the Subversive Cinema Blog

Source: Subversive Cinema

Monday, August 07, 2006

Kriminal Original Soundtrack Arrives

Recently arrived to the DVD Trash collection is the Kriminal OST - one of my favourite comic book movies - from MovieGrooves!

"The long awaited released of the full soundtrack from Umberto Lenzi's 1966 cult crime-caper movie - Kriminal, based on the famous comic strip by writer Max Bunker and artists Magnus.
Lenzi's movie version of Kriminal starred Glenn Saxson as the eponymous anti-hero master-thief, a character much in the same vein as Diabolik - another comic strip character who also had got the movie treatment in 1968 by Mario Bava.

The Kriminal soundtrack is a fantastic mix of groovy dance beats, smooth jazz and lounge alongside some tension-heightening incidental music and ethnic elements such as Arabian arabesques."

Really nice grooves and one for fans to pick up. If your unfamiliar with Kriminal then you can read some DVD reviews of Kriminal and Il Marchio di Kriminal, with some more background to the character here

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Turkish Horror and Gialli from Onar

Aska Susayanlar Seks Vey Cinayet (Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder)

Oluler Konusmaz Ki

Both movies arriving on a Special Edition Double DVD, Fall 2006.

Kilink Trailers

Here are some Turkish Trailers for the already released Kilink DVD's from Onar:

Kilink Istanbul'Da

Kilink vs. Superman

Kilink, Strip and Kill

Turkish Trailer Extravaganza from Onar Films

Bill over at Onar Films has been busy and has put up trailers for all recent and forthcoming DVD's that he is working on. So without further words from me, lets take a look:

Casus Kiran:

Another super-obscure Turkish super-hero film coming on an action packed DVD, Early 2007

Maskeli Seytan:

From the makers of Kilink comes another Super-Hero gem, available Early 2007

Demir Pence Korsan Adam:

More Super-Hero mayhem, available Early 2007

Orumcek the Spider:

Super-Hero nonsense with added sleaze, Early 2007

Tarzan Istanbul Da'

Coming Xmas 2006, the first Turkish Tarzan movie from 1952

Tarzan Korkusuz Adam

Also known as Tarzan the Fearless, coming Xmas 2006