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Thursday, December 14, 2006

News from Sazuma: La Settima Donna

From Lars at Sazuma:

"La Settima Donna (aka The Last House on the Beach aka Terror aka Verflucht zum Töten), No. 2 in our “Italian Genre Cinema Collection”, is slowly taking shape. Originally slated for release at October the 23rd of 2006, we had to bump the disc back due to the creation of additional features and a better image transfer (which actually looks absolutely stunning, by the way). The disc will now be released as a two-disc set with the film’s original Soundtrack on a separate audio CD in early 2007, the exact release date will be announced soon.
To shorten the wait a little, take a look at the German trailer of the film which is a sight in its own right as it is pretty cheesy, featuring a different dubbing job than the film’s actual German language track as well as a couple of different music cues. Click here to enjoy."

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