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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Best DVD's of the Year 2005

Well its coming to the end of the year and there have been some tremendous genre DVD's released in 2005.

My favourites have been (in no real order):

1. The Pinky Violence Collection (R1, Panik House)

2. Val Lewton Collection (R1, Warner Bros)

3. Hammer Horror Collection (R1, Universal)

4. Phantasm Sphere (R2, Anchor Bay UK)

5. Bela Lugosi Collection (R1, Universal)

6. Sex and Fury (R1, Panik House)

7. Danger: Diabolik (R1, Paramount)

8. Roma a Mano Armata (R2, NoShame, Italy)

9. Cannibal Holocaust (R1, Grindhouse)

10. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (R1, NoShame)

Any of your thoughts are most welcome and let me know what your favourite DVD's of 2005 were.

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