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Friday, December 30, 2005

Up next from NoShame: Luciano Ercoli Death Box Set

Arriving on 28/02/2006 is NoShames presentation of Luciano Ercoli's "Death Walks on High Heels" and "Death Walks at Midnight"

Now "Death Walks at Midnight has already been released by Mondo Macabro UK, but it had some aspect ratio issues (cropped from 2:35:1 to 1:85:1) and was slightly cut.

This new set looks like it will be the ultimate edition and the one to get.

Disc Info:

Get primed for two wild, stylish giallo shockers of the 1970s from director Luciano Ercoli (FORBIDDEN PHOTOS OF A LADY ABOVE SUSPICION), starring Susan Scott (DEATH CARRIES A CANE), Simon Andreu (THE BLOOD-SPATTERED BRIDE) and Frank Wolff (GOD FORGIVES…I DON’T).
In DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS, Parisian nightclub singer, Nicole Rochard (Susan Scott) is stalked by a demented masked man who may be the killer of her diamond thief father. With the help of a friend, Dr. Robert Matthews (Frank Wolff) she hopes to elude her pursuer by traveling to the English countryside. But Nicole’s merciless pursuer does not give up so easily, and soon more murders occur.
Susan Scott returns in DEATH WALKS AT MIDNIGHT as Valentina, a hot-tempered fashion model. When she’s duped into trying an experimental psychedelic by her fast-talking boyfriend (Simon Andreu) during a photo-shoot, she inadvertently witnesses a gory murder by a man with a spiked glove in the empty, next door building. It won’t be the last!
Hallucinogenic drugs, smart-aleck heroines, jewel thieves, macho tabloid reporters, strippers, intrepid police inspectors, plus crazy chases, brutal fist fights, spiked-metal gloves and myriad use of the zoom lens – not to mention delirious nightclub scenes, escalating body counts and countless red herrings! - NoShame is proud to present for the first time on DVD uncut two deranged examples of the sexy, Italian thriller genre - the giallo.
Special 3-disc edition, including The Sound of Love and Death - The Very Best of Stelvio Cipriani. A collection of classic giallo and poliziotteschi film scores.
• Original Italian Theatrical Trailer
• Original English Theatrical Trailer
• Poster and Still Gallery
• Death Walks at Midnight TV Version
• Poster and Still Gallery
DISC 3 - The Sound of Love and Death (CD) Exclusive CD soundtrack featuring tracks from the very best of Stelvio Cipriani’s soundtrack, including Death Walks on High Heels
• Collectible Booklet

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