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Friday, January 16, 2009

Ebay Shenanigans!

Ebay have annoyed me again tonight by asking me to remove one of my DVD auctions for "Box of the Banned" which contains "I Spit on your Grave", although a UK disc by Anchor Bay and legally available in the UK, ebay think the film is distasteful so no go from them! I wrote back enquiring why they are selling 47 copies of "Cannibal Holocaust" which is both banned and contains animal cruelty! Not holding my breath for a reply!

Anyway, it got me thinking, how great the VHS covers were for these movies and it made me remember scouring Azad Video and petrol stations with my grandfather, who would let me rent anything, and marvelling at these covers and what wonders actually lay beneath them! So after a quick stumble about the 'net, I found a few that always turned my head! That cover for Lamberto Bava's "Demons" always made me cack my pants, but I always looked at the back cover everytime I went in, but always too scared to rent it!!

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