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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Roundtable: Week 12 - Your Contributions

With the popularity of Pink titles arriving more and more on DVD thanks in the past to Panik House and more recently Synapse and Pink Eiga, what are your favourite "Pink" movies or if you've yet to sample any, where would you like to start?"

KingMob (Dear Bastards)

I've dutifully purchased the first four Pink Eiga titles, though I've only found time to watch S & M Hunter and A Lonely Cow Weeps At Dawn so far. I was rather impressed with Lonely Cow, as it seemed to be a fairly legit drama, a story of unrequited love that just happens to be filled to the brim with outlandish sex sequences between the dramatic beats that move the story along.

I'm definitely looking forward to checking out more from this genre, though I may try to look into a book on the subject before I blind-buy too much more, just to be more aware of the history of specific titles, or their significance of release.

Kimberley Lindbergs (Cinebeats)

I prefer early pink (and violent pink) films over the new ones I've seen and I usually like the work of artistically inclined directors who bend the rules a bit and inject their films with radical politics or social critiques. A few of my favorite pink directors are Koji Wakamatsu (Go, Go Second Time Virgin), Yasuharu Hasabe (Assault! Jack the Ripper), Shunya Ito (Female Scorpion films), Teruo Ishii (Female Yakuza Tale) and Norifumi Suzuki (School of the Holy Beast). A couple of more current working directors I like a lot are Takashi Ishii (Freeze Me) and Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (Kichiku). It would be impossible for me to list all my favorite pink movies, but these directors are responsible for many of my favorite Japanese films and I highly recommend all their work.

Holger Haase (Hammer and Beyond)

Funny you should ask that as just yesterday I reviewed my DeepDiscount Wishlist and noticed to my dismay that the Pinky Violence Collection appears to now be discontinued. *This* would have been the place for me to start my Pinkedumacation. The only Pink movies I am so far familiar with (and that have me gagging for more) are SEX AND FURY and FEMALE YAKUZA TALE.

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