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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

UK Blu-Ray News: Dawn of the Dead

Great news for UK horror fans - a quite fantastic package from Arrow Films! Read on...

"Ok people some breaking news here - lots of good news, one little hiccup but an interesting solution has come of it.

The Argento cut of Dawn is not going to be in HD - it's simply not up to scratch - not by a long way.

So the package is going to work as follows - we'll have the lead Blu-ray disc which will contain the theatrical cut in HD and then two DVDs - one with the directors cut and one with the Argento cut - anyone with a Blu-ray player will be able to play the DVDs which will upscale and anyone who doesn't yet have a Blu-ray player can now own the Argento cut on DVD without having to import it plus enjoy some previously unavailable extras."

The overall line-up and the extras that have been assembled should make this a rather tasty package. Here's how it looks:

Disc One (Blu Ray):

* Theatrical Cut in High Definition
* DTS HD and Stereo Audio.
* Commentary 1 with George A Romero, Tom Savini and Chris Romero.
* Commentary 2 with Richard P. Rubinstein
* Document of the Dead - the classic documentary
* Document of the Dead: The Lost Interview and Deleted Scenes
* Fan of the Dead (mad French dude goes to visit the locations!)

Disc Two (DVD):

* Director’s Cut of Dawn of the Dead
* The Dead Will Walk Documentary (the stunning 2004 documentary)

Disc Three (DVD):

* Argento Cut of Dawn of the Dead
* Scream Greats (brilliant Tom Savini documentary)
* Publicity Vault containing:

* US and German Trailers
* TV and Radio Spots
* Reviews
* Giallo Trailers (Macabre, Sleepless and House by the Cemetery)

Buy it exclusively from October 19th at HMV UK

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