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Friday, November 20, 2009

Blu-Ray News: Suspiria

Released on January 10th will be Suspiria on Blu-Ray from Cine-Excess in the UK, which hopefully will be a step up from the Italian release that suffered from lots of image problems and was ultimately a disappointment! Having heard from someone from Cult-Labs who has seen some of the Blu-Ray, it is meant to be looking good! Fingers crossed!

In addition, I don't like to pick out faults with new labels who are bringing, hopefully, a fantastic edition of Suspiria, but their tag line "Taking Trash Seriously" for a film that is anything but, is a little bit of insult! Anyway if the disc is great then all is forgiven!

1 comment:

James Gracey said...

Nice cover art. Can't wait to see Suspiria in HD!