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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cannibal Holocaust (R1) - October 25th

Well, its drawing closer, the official Grindhouse (owned by cult film fans, Bob Muraswski and Sage Stallone, yes Sly's son) Region 1 release of Cannibal Holocaust. The Italian Cannibal Classic from Ruggero Deodato will be released on October 25th. There have been versions released before in Spain, Holland and Italy, but not in the US. So US exploitation fans will be rubbing their hands in anticipation. In fact the new R1 version has many features that were on the AYP Italian release, including the new hour long Italian documentary, which will now be subtitled. Being of Italian stock I have this AYP DVD already and the documentary is excellent and full of interviews with the cast who all have much to say about this extraordinary film.
The Grindhouse DVD will include:
Limited Edition of 11,111

2 Disc SE
Hi-Definition Digital Restoration
Uncensored Director's Cut
Anamorphic Widescreen
Digital Stereo Re-Mix or Original Mono Soundtrack
Audio Commentary by Ruggero Deodato and Robert Kerman
Making of - 1 Hour Italian Documentary featuring rare behind the scenes footage
On Camera Interviews
Shooting Script
Liner Notes by Chas Balun
Trailers, Still Galleries and much more.
You can preorder from:
For UK/Europe: Thrauma

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