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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Emanuelle Update

I ordered the 3 Emanuelle DVD's last Sunday with Astabe in Poland and it was a pretty easy site to navigate.

Total to the UK was around 95zl which is around £16.

All 3 arrived today no problem at all. So if anyone want to pick these up I recommend the site above. Image quality is good and the Italian 5.1 track sounds great. No extras, just trailers of other Emanuelle releases.

A total bargain!

Source: Astabe


Anonym said...

what subtitles? i speak neither italian nor polish, although i could survive on the italian if i concentrate on ms gemsers body ;-)

Nick Frame said...

Only Polish subtitles unfortunately - believe me the dialogue is not important in these movies.

Anonym said...

i know but i think i wont buy a dvd that i wont be able to understand ;-)

another thing:
how about a link exchange? me and a few friends have a movie/stuff diary/blog at

and i also maintain the websites
and soon

Nick Frame said...

Ok, you know I already have the Spaghetti Western and Tarantino banners at the bottom of my page?

Send me a Rodriguez banner and one for your diary page.

For me just use the banner that is on the Links section at

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they changed the cover image of 'Emanuelle - perché violenza alle donne?' from the one with boobs (which can be seen in almost all online stores, like for example astabe) to the one which doesn't show anything (seen in an earlier post here)... I feel cheated! ;) The cover seems a bit worse quality than the other two as well (not so sharp).

Great discs though for a very cheap price and extremely fast delivery from astabe.

Nick Frame said...

I suppose they can't have Laura Gemsers Ta-ta's looking out at everyone from the DVD shelves in Poland! Thanks for pointihg this out, cause I hadn't noticed.

The discs are quality, bargain of the year so far.

Anonym said...

...if you speak polish

Nick Frame said...

or Italian...