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Friday, July 14, 2006

New Italian Lizard in a Woman's Skin DVD: 1st Look!

Just got the new Lizard DVD from Thrauma and I have to say it looks pretty good and is the longest and most complete version available (unfortunately for non-Italian speakers there are no English options, but I'm sure this version will be licensed out for the US market soon.)

Some screencaps:

Extras Menu



- Intervista esclusiva al prof. Paolo Albiero (Interview with Fulci expert, Professor Paolo Albiero) (34:00)
- Scena inedita (Missing Scene cut out due to the original audio not syncing with the image, rather than having an audio dropout, this scene with Anita Strindberg is included as an extra) (0:24)
- La censura e le versioni del film (History of the films censorship) (6:00)
- Titoli di testa italiani originali (Original Italian Titles) (1:04)
- Biografia del regista e degli attori principali (Bios of Fulci, Sorel & Bolkan)

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