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Monday, July 09, 2007

Huge Severin Films Update

Severin has just signed five astounding Italian erotic classics - three of which feature Laura Gemser as black Emanuelle and two satanic sinfests.

EMANUELLE & THE WHITE SLAVE TRADE: a rousing reunion of the formidable EMANUELLE IN AMERICA team of Gemser and the mighty Joe D'Amato!
SISTER EMANUELLE: our favorite open-minded nymph has a change of heart and trades in her sexual habits for a sexy habit. You can imagine what kind of sinful shenanigans subsequently go on behind convent walls!

BLACK EMMANUELLE/WHITE EMMANUELLE: Actually a crafty retitling of BLACK VELVET but it not only boasts Gemser, you also get the delicious Annie Belle (HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK; LAURE) and giallo queen Susan Scott (DEATH WALKS IN HIGH HEELS)!

And last but certainly not least the first official DVD releases of the ultimate possessed nun sleaze-fest and its follow up.

MALABIMBA: THE MALICIOUS WHORE: You may be familiar with other outrageous Andrea Bianchi works such as BURIAL GROUND and STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER but even they won't prepare you for the dirty delights of MALABIMBA, which features arguably the most salacious invalid death scene in cinema history!

SATAN'S BABY DOLL: One year later Mario Bianchi (no relation) remade MALABIMBA and threw heroin addiction and zombies into the mix!

Malabimba and Satan's are due Sept 19th, 2007!

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