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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Blog is Rated R!!!!

Was wandering around the various blogs today and my esteemed buddy Whiggles had a cool link to discover what your blog was rated - he scored an unexpected PG-13 while I got a Best Buy unfriendly R!!! What a shock - now go check out your own!


Anonymous said...

Oh you naughty boy! - Euan

phelpster said...

Hey, thanks for pointing that site out, I gave it a shot myself. I figured I'd get an R for my site as well, but it turns out mine is rated NC-17 for 15 counts of the word "death" and 7 counts of the word "ass".

Nick Frame said...

Boo hiss!!! I want an NC-17 rating too!

The-Iron-Inspector said...

Simon Bates has rated my site as nc-17! Wow!! Punks not dead!

Great site by the way..keep up the good work

The-Iron-Inspector said...

Simon Bates has just rated my blog as NC-17. Punks not dead after all!

Great blog by the way. Keep up the good work.