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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Box Office: Meet the Spartans nudges Rambo to No.2

Bit of a rant coming up, but how does total garbage like "Meet the Spartans" (from the creators of other classics "Date Movie" and "Epic Movie") beat Stallones other great creation "Rambo" to the No.1 spot at the US Box Office. Ok it only edged out the Italian Stallion by $300,000, but c'mon! How do you even goto the cinema and even be able to ask for tickets to such trash and not be embarassed. Ok, ok, Rambo is no Truffaut or Bunuel, but its a back to basics all out 80's style shoot 'em up that delivers unlike the PG-13 rated version of "Die Hard 4.0" Just hope word of mouth and the fairly good reviews manage to rectify the situation and get John Rambo to No.1!

Source: Box Office Mojo

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