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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Film Drunk on "Atonement"

Film Drunk (great film site btw), recently vented it's displeasure at Keira Knightley's, 7 Oscar nominated movie "Atonement" wondering why it had even been nominated!

Check it out:

"The Oscar nominations are out, and Atonement trailed only There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men (who had eight each) with seven nominations. I dunno, maybe I'm crazy. Maybe stuff actually happening in a movie is too much to ask.

UPDATE: Lest you be tempted to see Atonement to see why I hate it so much (which would sort of defeat the purpose), allow me to summarize it for you:

James McAvoy works as a servant boy at Keira Knightley's house. He breaks her vase. He accidentally sends her a letter saying "I want to kiss your hot, wet, c*nt" instead of the apology letter he meant to send (a lá Road Trip). She reads the note and then bones him because she's a slut. Her younger sister sees them boning and thinks he raped her so she accuses him of rape and he gets sent away. Three years later he joins the army because all armies need someone who knows how to rape chicks and she becomes an army nurse because she wants to see him, because sluts who bang a guy once always wait chastely for three years until he gets out of prison. They meet up. Then later, after they're married, the younger sister comes to apologize and he's all like, naw, whatever bitch. Then it cuts to years later and the younger sister is an old lady now (you can tell it's the same person because of the stupid haircut and mole - chicks generally have the same hairstyle their whole lives), and she's doing an interview about the book she wrote, which tells the story we just watched, and she says that she made it all up and her sister and the dude actually both died in the war. So exciting! So epic!"

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