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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight: Record Breaker!

Source: Superherohype

"Box Office Mojo is reporting that Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight has set a new opening day record with $66.4 million in a record 4,366 theaters (including 94 IMAX theaters) nationwide.

With brisk advance sales and early sell-outs reported all week from Fandango, it looks like the latest installment in Warner Bros' Batman franchise has delivered an opening day gross bigger than the previous five movies were able to make in their opening weekends alone. Even though Dark Knight opened with roughly $7 million more than Spider-Man 3 grossed in its opening day last year, to claim the opening weekend record (currently $151.1 million) for The Dark Knight might be somewhat premature, since Spider-Man 3 opened in May with school in session, while theoretically, The Dark Knight could be more frontloaded with so much more interest and demand in seeing it opening day."

Amazing numbers for TDK, full thoughts from me after my IMAX screening on Wednesday night in Glasgow!


Poptique said...

Imax on Wednesday? You lucky devil!

Nick Frame said...

I know, can't wait! Never been so hyped for a film since I saw The Phantom Menace in the US! Prob see it again on Monday in a regular cinema as well!