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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Review: The Dark Knight


Glasgow IMAX, July 23rd:

Well, I've just seen an actual comic book world of Batman brought to life so vividly and accurately by Christoper Nolan's "The Dark Knight" - Make no mistake this is worth all the hype and record breaking over the last weekend in the US. The follow up to "Batman Begins" throws us straight into the action and does not let up from one breathtaking set piece to another! Sure, I'm a fan, I've read the comics and previously enjoyed Tim Burton's "Batman" and "Batman Returns", but this is an entirely different beast!

This is it, this is what fans of the Caped Crusader have craved since they became fans in the first place, the actors on the screen have immersed themselves totally in their roles! Christian Bale is excellent, I love his savage potrayal of the man in black, Gary Oldman is Jim Gordon, he is totally perfect in this role, while Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine lend gravitas to their lesser but important roles. Maggie Gyllenhaal improves the character of Rachel Dawes played previously by Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart is fantastic as Harvey Dent, the rising white knight of Gotham City.

However, the real star is Heath Ledger as The Joker, one the finest performances I've seen on the big screen. Forget Jack Nicholson, Ledger has nailed one of greatest comic book monsters and it's fitting that this was his final performance. When he is on the screen, you feel dread, you know something terrible could happen at any time, no other onscreen villain has managed this! In addition you soon realise he's not crazy, he has a plan and it's a clever one and this makes him even more frightening. Oh and the Oscar buzz is no joke either, his performance as well as the film in it's own right is totally deserved, I doubt we'll see it bettered this year!

The cinematography is excellent and you must see this in IMAX at some point as it's awe inducing, utterly fantastic! The score is excellent too, but I could go on and on, just go see this, as not only is it the best comic book adaption of all time but it's one of the best crime dramas too, only our hero wears a cowl and a cape and the villain has clown makeup.

Simply fantastic!

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