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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Italian Weekend of Terror - The Aftermath

Italian Weekend of Terror – The Aftermath

Finally, Glasgow! After many years of two of Italy’s finest cult directors travelling the world to meet and greet their many, many fans, it was the turn of Glasgow to get the Deodato and Bava double act! The GFT was the venue for the Italian Weekend of Terror in partnership with Arrow Films , where a sold out audience were treated to Lucio Fulci’s “House by the Cemetery” on the Saturday followed by Deodato’s “Cut and Run” and Bava’s “Macabre” on the Sunday!

With introductions from each director followed by “Q & A”’s moderated by journalist Calum Waddell, with myself doing any necessary translations, the weekend was a great success with fans clamouring for autographs and photos afterwards with the two great men who were genuinely touched by the love still shown to their movies! A big thank you as well to all those who attended and hopefully the success of the event will mean that Glasgow can host many more like it in the future!

(That's me on the far right, looking sleepy!)

From a personal point of view it was pretty cool, if a touch surreal to have, in my eyes anyway, two legends of Italian cinema in the back of my car on the way back from Edinburgh Airport as we headed towards Glasgow!

They both turned out to be both utterly charming and very friendly and the weekend was very much the highlight of my short time of writing about movies via this site and I’d like to thank Calum Waddell and the GFT for letting me be a part of it all!

For fun here are five facts about Ruggero and Lamberto that I learned over the course of the weekend!

Ruggero Deodato: Five Fun Facts!

1. His Scottish Kilt clan is McKenzie

2. He does not like Irn-Bru

3. Or Scottish Tablet for that matter!

4. Thinks David Hess is a lovely man but a bit crazy!

5. Speaks very little English but fluent Arabic!

Lamberto Bava: Five Fun Facts!

1. His Favourite Horror film is Bambi!

2. Thought Loch Lomond was beautiful!

3. Is thinking about maybe using 3D in his next project!

4. Also did not like Irn-Bru!

5. His favourite movie of his father Mario was Black Sabbath.


Douglas A. Waltz said...

I'm gonna go with that you're a lucky prick, sir. :0)

Nick Frame said...

Indeed sir, I am! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hoi - Ruggero speaks pretty good English (and managed an entire Q and A in the language on Sunday!)

Thanks for everything Nick - the event would not have gone half as smoothly without you! A true gent!


Kimberly Lindbergs said...

Fantastic! Sounds like you had an amazing time.

Hopefully I'll finally remember to send you my RT answers this week.

Mattei's Nipple said...


That was an amazing night.

Peter ( The guy who sat next to you in the resturant )

Nick Frame said...

Hey Pete, glad you had a good time! Thanks for coming such a long way!