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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Roundtable: Week 8 - Your Contributions

"After enjoying a strange double-bill of Cliffhanger and Critters 4 the other evening, what would be or has been your ideal messed up Grindhouse/Horror/Arthouse/Cult/Whatever movie combo? Give me as many as you like!"

Matthew Bradford (Double0Section)

Having recently seen Tiptoes, it occurred to me that that would make a weirdly excellent double feature with The Sinful Dwarf. Or maybe Tiptoes and The Terror of Tiny Town.

I think Cobra and Reds would have a wonderful dialogue with each other.... although you'd be in for a long night. The great thing about Cobra is that it works with just about anything (especially when there's enough liquor on hand) and produces odd, interesting results.

The Seventh Seal and Deathstalker 2 would be a pretty mindblowing combo, too, albeit a tad pretentious. I think I'll try that one!
Once completely by accident I watched the last two episodes of The Prisoner and then went to see 2001 in 70mm. That turned out to be an amazingly perfect combination. I recommend it.

Kingmob (Dear Bastards)

I guess I'm going for the more oddball pairings with this answer, because consulting my list of watched films tell me that in the past few months I've ended up watching, either by choice or by the chance arrival of Netflix films, the following double bills, either back to back or within the same 24 hour period:

Laid To Rest (contemporary slasher/special effects extravaganza) backed with Wong Kar Wai's sublime love story, Chungking Express

as well as:

The Good, The Bad And The Weird (Korean Western actioner from director Kim Ji-woon that must be seen by everyone) followed up with a long delayed look at a Hollywood classic, All About Eve.

What can I say? I wanna make sure I'm not missing out on stuff from all genres.

Holger Haase (Hammer and Beyond)

I recently watched THE BLUE DAHLIA followed by DRIVE IN MASSACRE. That should qualify as a strange mix. ;-)

Kit Nygaard-Gavin

Les Bronzés / Goodbye Emmanuelle (both have a soundtrack by Gainsbourg) sort of connected.

Exorcist the Beginning / Dominion ( an interesting double bill, of two very flawed movies. I do like the set design too of the early church.

Emanuelle's Revenge / Conversation Piece. Balancing sleaze with Visconti's masterpiece (with a somewhat trashy edge)

Savage Streets / a 60s British Hammer film. After sleazy violent trash, worth clearing the mind with some silly tongue in cheek horror.

The Candy Snatchers / The Wicker Man - both excellent multi-textured movies.

Divine Emanuelle / Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - love the kitsch feel and music for both these films.

Story of O / the Nun of Monza,two of my favourite actresses appear naked. And frequently...

Michael McKenzie (Land of Whimsy)

Hmm... so many possibilities, so little time. Here's a few I'd get a kick out of:

I think I'd like to see a back-to-back combo of a really trashy giallo and a more artsy one - perhaps one of Sergio Martino's Edwige Fenech jaunts followed by Argento's DEEP RED. Or alternatively, Antonioni's BLOWUP followed by DEEP RED, as a sort of "David Hemmings investigates..." double bill.

BAY OF BLOOD followed by FRIDAY THE 13TH, as a sort of expose on the origins of the American 80s slasher movie phenomenon.

And, just for a laugh, Disney's version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND followed by the X-rated version directed by Bud Townsend and starring Kristine DeBell.

Douglas Waltz (Divine Exploitation)

I call mine the disillusioned double feature.
Many moons ago I used to order a lot of video from a grey market vendor whose name escapes me for the moment.
Anyway, I used to order a lot of them purely by title and this didn't always work to my advantage. So, my two flicks in my double feature would have to be.

Insert drumroll.


With Aunt Martha I really had no idea what to expect. I figured some crazy lady who did dreadful things. No brainer, right? Yeah, wrong. Instead what I got was a bizarro flick about this guy who dresses up like a woman and is in hiding with his gay lover Stanley who likes to seduce young women, but then not do the deed. That's when 'Aunt Martha' shows up in a bad wig and whacks these young ladies.
Shot in Florida back in the seventies, this is the epitome of sleaze. You want drug culture? Check. You need a ton of nudity from lots of ladies? Check. How about a crazed transvestitie chasing her/his boyfriend around the house, cackling like a madman? Yeah, we got that to. Aunt Martha is so densely packed that most people can't get through it in one sitting. I, on the other hand, have watched it numerous times. Why? Not sure.
Then we wind it down with a good old fashioned horror flik, right?
Tower OF The Screaming Virigns is actually based on an Alexander Dumas story. This means a lot of swash for your buckle. Seems that the Queen of France is a sexual beast and The King of France is impotent. Her and her lady friends get together and have their faithful guard round up some young studs for a night of pleasure. Then the studs get slaughtered.
That's right, the virgins in the title? It's the dudes? How misleading is that? With that being said, this is actually pretty damned entertaining. The lead swashbuckler whose name sounds like they are saying Prairie Dawn, is your basic blonde haired, bluie eyed womanizer. There are acres of suplle female flesh and many more acres of horrid period costumes. Really, really bad period costumes. One guy even looks like Phil Collins and his name sounds like 'laundry'. That's really what they call the poor bastard throughout the flick. Hilarious and the potential for MST3K style riffing is abundant.
So, there ya go. SOMETIMES AUNT MARTHA DOES DREADFUL THINGS & TOWER OF THE SCREAMING VIRGINS is my vote for best Grindhouse style double feature ever.

Mike Den Boer (10k Bullets)

My strange double bill would be Richard Rush’s Color of Night and Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break.

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