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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Review - Tokyo Psycho

Review of one of Panik House's latest releases - Tokyo Psycho

"Sachiko Kokubu plays Yumiko, the beautiful owner of a Tokyo design agency whose upscale, enjoyable life is disrupted by fear.
First, a mysterious woman summons her at dawn with no explantion. Then Yumiko receives paper scraps stitched together with piano wire that spell out an unnerving message – "I know you were meant to marry me." Finally, as Yumiko prepares for a class reunion, someone sends her a copy of her school photo drenched in blood.
That someone is the Tokyo Psycho.
Summoning a friend, Yumiko embarks on a brutal, exhilarating nightmare investigation into her tormentor, awakening long forgotten memories and facing unimaginable horrors. For all the city's crowds and commotion, she cannot hide from Tokyo Psycho."

Source: Panik House

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