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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Foreign Horror

Two upcoming Euro horror flicks have been catching my eye recently, the first being "[rec]" a Spanish shocker where a TV reporter follows a local fire crew to a building with an elderly inhabitant is trapped and it's only then that a high-pitched scream is heard and the broadcast gets bloody!


The 2nd movie is À l'Intérieur (Inside) starring the lovely Beatrice Dalle (Betty Blue) and Alysson Paradis who plays a pregnant woman whose life is destroyed by the death of her boyfriend in a car accident...things then go from bad to worse!



Jon Anders Klausen said...

Just saw Inside the other night at the Kosmorama Film Festival (Trondheim, Norway)... that was some heavy gory shit! Scary too. Not for the sensitive to say the least. Highly recommend you see it, preferably in a cinema.

Nick Frame said...

Managed to see Inside myself last night, really gory as you say but very creepy at the beginning too. Euro horror still has so much to offer! Just need to [rec] now!

Crazy on Bollywood said...

I hv never seen a real horror movie.Let me see.