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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shameless Screen Entertainment

For lovers of the kind of movies this blog promotes I need to bring a new UK DVD company to the fore: They are Shameless Screen Entertainment and have been around for 4-5 months and have a slew of excellent releases and it truly is a joy to see some of these films for sale in the UK.

Shameless Schedule:

01 The New York Ripper (Still cut by around 19 seconds mind you!)
02 Phantom of Death
03 Torso
04 Killer Nun
05 Venus in Furs
06 The Black Cat
07 Flavia the Heretic
08 Manhattan Baby
09 Night Train Murders
10 The Frightened Woman -14th April 08
11 My Dear Killer - 14th April 08
12 Ratman - 31st March 08
13 What Have They Done to Your Daughters? 26th May 08

As you can see they have a fantastic range of releases and despite owning many of these films on other labels, I think I'll be trying to get my hands on Ratman, Phantom of Death and The Frightened Woman to begin with.

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